Try This Weight Loss Experiment

After telling a friend of mine that although I eat healthy, I still tend to over eat. I will eat too many healthy foods for my 5'2" frame.  He showed me this video and it really hit home for me.  Now, I agree with some of the comments, that it's not an absolute "fix".  Especially in the case of blind people.  But it does make for an interesting point. We tend to have this desire to finish everything on our plate. And with most portion sizes being way too big to begin with, we eat way past feeling full. There are many different reasons that we all over eat.  But for me, I have this thing about cleaning my plate.  So this experiment raised my awareness.  I tend to not "pay attention" while I eat, either.  I know I need to be more present with dining and enjoy my food, but really, most of the time Im wolfing it down while multitasking on the phone or with my family.  I know---HORRIBLE. I may have to try this, but since I know what outcome is EXPECTED of me, I may tend to have BIAS.

So Im curious, what do you think about this "experiment"?

Blind Fold Eating
Blind Fold Eating