Steak and Kidney Pie - British Comfort Food Recipe

This recipe for the ultimate British comfort food has been adjusted slightly for a healthier version. All of the deliciousness you love, or are about to love for the first time are still there. This is a fun recipe to put together which is good, because you will definitely want to make it again.

Filling Ingredients

1 1/2 lb lean stewing steak (beef), cut into chunks 1/2 lb lamb's kidneys, halved - If you can't find kidneys or you just aren't crazy about the idea of having kidneys in your pie just leave them out and increase the amount of beef accordingly to make a perfectly delicious steak pie. 1 tbsp rapeseed or grapeseed oil 2 medium onions, chopped 2 bay leaves 4 thyme sprigs 1/2 cup red wine 2 tsp tomato paste 1 tsp English mustard powder 2 tbsp all purpose flour 1 large carrot, chopped 1 cup mushrooms, quartered or halved if small 3 tbsp chopped parsley 1 1/2 cups boiling water 1/2 tspn salt 1/2 tspn pepper - fresh ground pepper preferred

Pastry Ingredients

1 cup all purpose flour, plus extra for dusting 1 tsp thyme leaves (optional) 2 tbsp very cold (or frozen) butter 4 tbsp 2% fat Greek yogurt 2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 tspn black pepper - fresh ground pepper preferred pinch of salt 2 tspn cold water

Filling Directions

Cut out and discard the thin tubes from the kidneys. Rinse the kidneys in cold water until the water runs clear, then chop them into small pieces. Heat the oil in a large saucepan or deep sauté pan. Add the onions, bay and thyme sprigs and fry over medium heat for 8-10 mins until the onions are golden, stirring often.

Add the steak and kidney to the pan and stir-fry briefly, just until it loses its pink color. Turn up the heat, pour in the wine, stir to deglaze the bottom of the pan, then let it boil over a high heat for 2-3 mins until reduced and absorbed into the meat. Stir in the tomato paste and mustard powder. Sift in the flour, stirring, then stir for a couple of minutes. Pour in 1 1/2 cups boiling water and continue stirring until the mixture starts to boil and is thickened. Add in the carrot and mushrooms, reduce the heat, cover with a lid, then leave to simmer gently for about 1 hr, stirring occasionally. Remove the lid and simmer another 25-30 mins or until the meat is very tender and the gravy has thickened slightly.

Remove from heat and remove the bay leaves and thyme sprigs. Stir in the parsley, add salt and pepper (adjust quantity to taste), transfer to a pie pan, then leave to cool slightly. Preheat the oven to 400 F.

Pastry Directions

As the filling is cooling put the flour and optional thyme, into a bowl. Grate in the cold or frozen butter, make a well in the center, then add the yogurt, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Using a round-bladed knife, mix together with 2 tsp cold water, then gently gather together with your hands to form a dough. Remove from the bowl and knead briefly until smooth.

Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface so it’s slightly bigger than the top of the pie pan. Lay the pastry over the meat filling and trim the edges with scissors so it slightly overhangs the edge of the pan. Make 2 small slits in the center. Flute the edges, then roll out the trimmings and cut out 6 diamond-shaped leaves. Dampen one side and lay them on top of the pastry. Place the dish on a baking sheet, then bake in the oven for about 25 mins or until the pastry is golden.

Recipe adapted from BBC Good Food.