Shakeology® vs. Advocare Ingredient & Price Comparison There are a LOT of good, healthy products out there. But, I find it highly questionable that Advocare is among them. We are all looking for nutritional options that help us lose weight, maintain nutrition and provide other health benefits. While I love my Shakeology® , I'm always open to other products that may offer similar results. But, to be frank and up front, I don't believe Advocare is a viable option for anyone who is truly concerned about enhancing his or her health. Why is that?

Despite a wide array of marketing efforts that Advocare uses to promote its products, I don't buy their claims that it's healthy and natural, especially compared to Shakeology® . Label to label, Shakeology® beats out Advocare hands down in many areas. Not only does Shakeology® have fewer calories and carbs, but it also offers less fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugars. Shakeology® provides over 70 superfoods, natural, not synthetic, vitamins and nutrients, which are not available in Advocare products. And, many vitamins and nutrients are provided at 100 percent daily recommend values in Shakeology® , while only present in smaller portions in Advocare.

But, comparing label to label about calories and sodium doesn't really get to the core of why Advocare isn't even close to the value of Shakeology® . Shakeology® is the only clinically proven meal replacement shake on the market to help you lose weight, lower cholesterol and maintain blood sugar levels.

Consider these specific areas where Shakeology® wins out:

  • Protein: Shakeology® includes whey protein isolate and pea protein. These are less likely to instigate allergies among many people and are derived from whole foods and more easily absorbed by the body. There are also vegan formulas. Advocare consists of whey protein concentrate, which causes trouble for many lactose intolerant individuals. Many chemical alkalies make up protein derivatives in Advocare and actually suppress the body's ability to absorb nutrients.
  • Sugar: Shakeology® contains stevia, a plant-based sweetener that is currently the safest on the market. Consumption of the sugars in Shakeology® have fewer impacts on glycemic index. Advocare includes sucralose (Splenda) and maltodextrin. Sucralose (originally a pesticide) is an artificial sugar compound made from adding chlorine to regular sugar. Not too healthy! Additionally, sucralose has been found to reduce the healthy gut flora that helps to fight off everything ranging from the flu to cancer.
  • Fat: Shakeology® contains flax seed, which is an excellent source of Omega-3 fat and promotes heart health, stronger immune systems and reduced inflammation. Advocare does not list any fat derived from whole foods.
  • Vitamins: Advocare contains a variety of synthetic vitamins in their mix, but very few are derived from natural foods. Vegan Shakeology® is all natural and from whole foods. "If you choose to use nutritional supplements, it is in your best interest to use only those products that list actual foods as their ingredients rather than synthetic and isolated vitamins. While some synthetic and isolated vitamins have been shown to provide minimal health benefits, on the whole, most of them cause more harm than good and you are far better off spending your money on whole foods." -Dr Ben Kim
  • Soy:Advocare contains soy protein isolate which is a highly refined form of soy. But, here's the problem: most of the soy in the U.S. is genetically modified and not organic. Processed soy poses serious health risks and can cause decreased libido, mood swings, depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, endometriosis, depressed thyroid function, PCOS and protein malabsorption.
  • Natural and artificial flavors: Advocare includes these in their ingredients list. Who knows what this actually includes? It could mean MSG, GMOs and a ton of other sketchy ingredients I don't want to put in my body.

The point of drinking a meal replacement shake is to substitute the other junk you might be eating with something healthier and more nutritious. If you're just changing out one "poison" for another, you're not really accomplishing anything. You might as well be substituting a dozen chocolate chip cookies with a handful of potato chips. Even if your potato chips have fewer calories, they are not healthier for you. You're not getting closer to the goal eating more nutritiously. 

Advocare Costs More

Finally, I want to address the cost factor for Shakeology® vs. Advocare.

The cost for both is quite comparable, even though Advocare reps would have you believe

Shakeology Advocare
Shakeology Advocare

otherwise. Advocare, during the last time I checked on it, cost approximately $45 per box, containing 14 servings of the meal replacement shake. That breaks down to $3.21 per serving. Shakeology® is $5.38 per shake which seems to be more expensive on the surface.

But, going even further to break down the price, many Advocare users incorporate supplements with their shakes, in addition to drinking the Spark Energy Drink. When you add up the cost for all of these things you need to create a full menu of Advocare options, the cost will be considerably more per month than your one bag of Shakeology® .

Shakeology® is a Multi-Tasker

When you drink Shakeology® , you don't need other supplements or a multi-vitamin. It's all rolled into one. You get vitamins, a complete meal, probiotics, superfoods, protein and energy -- all in one amazing tasting shake.

It's ALL already INCLUDED IN THE BAG!  No buying extra supplements.

Advocare 24 Shakeology
Advocare 24 Shakeology

Let me know if you want to try Shakeology® and start your fitness journey with a healthy alternative.

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