Shakeology®: A Possible Migraine Relief?

"No, not tonight, honey. I have a horrible headache."

Woman with severe Migraine Headache holding hands to head

Woman with severe Migraine Headache holding hands to head

If you utter this more than once in awhile and actually mean it, you may have a real problem with migraines. They are debilitating and can take away your ability to work or engage in activities with your friends and family members. Every year, it's estimated that employers lose more than $13 billion dollars to lost work days as a result of migraines.

That's really no surprise when you take into account that 36 million people in America suffer from migraines. That's more than those who experience diabetes and asthma combined. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, there are three times as many women (27 million, to be more exact -- but, who's counting?) than men who suffer from these severe headaches and other associated symptoms.

If you've experienced the nausea and vomiting, the dizziness, the visual auras and disturbances, the sensitivity to light and/or sound and the general awfulness of migraines, you know that you'll do just about anything to simply make it go away. Medications and learning your headache triggers are often the only treatments available for these debilitating headaches. Suffering through them, however, and enduring the excruciating pain is the norm for many migraine victims.

However, there may be some hope for you by choosing Shakeology®. There are no clinical trials that indicate that Shakeology® will or won't help reduce your migraine symptoms. However, there are a significant number of Shakeology® drinkers who will attest to how their daily shake has helped them. Some don't have to take medication any more. Others haven't had a migraine in months.

"I've been taking Excedrin daily for years due to headaches and migraines. Since I started drinking Shakeology® daily five weeks ago, I rarely have ANY headaches. Geez...the money I've saved on medicine, alone, is worth it! Not to mention, I hardly have any cravings," commented Josephine.

Lindsay says, "I used to get horrible migraines quite often. But, since I started using Shakeology®, they've greatly decreased."

Amanda had a similar experience: "I have had chronic migraines my whole life, and I can totally agree that Shakeology® has helped me. I feel great and only get headaches when I drink too much, which is too be expected. LOL!"

Sarah agrees, too. She claimed, "My migraines have decreased significantly due to drinking Shakeology® daily. This is coming from someone who has tried EVERYTHING!"

Zoe is extremely thankful she switched to Shakeology® and a healthier lifestyle. She provides this testimony: "I suffered from migraines for years. I went through numerous exams, tests and different doctors. I was on Imitrex, Maxalt, you name it. Also to mention, I was on ADHD (Strattera) and anxiety medications. Living a healthier lifestyle + working out + changing my nutrition to whole foods (organic and natural) helped me a lot. Shakeology® also played a good part in it. I slowly weaned off the medications and have been medication free since January 2010 and use natural remedies if I do have bad migraine spells, which don't happen as often as before. It has been pretty rare that I get migraines/headaches... I believe making positive changes help in all aspects in your life, body and well being."

Trish Lynn shares:  "I have suffered with migraines since middle school and throughout the years I have

Screenshot 2015-02-06 21.01.30

Screenshot 2015-02-06 21.01.30

tried many different prescriptions and none of them have worked. They have either made me severely sick or just didn't work. Since I started Shakeology my migraines have completely gone away and I have even noticed that if I miss a shake its guaranteed that I will get a headache. It's pretty much become like medicine to me and I am so thankful that this has come into my life."


She has struggled with horrible migraines. She asked me about Shakeology because of my Facebook ~ (she is an old high school friend I haven’t talked to in YEARS, and found me on FB) She ordered Shakeology right after Thanksgiving.

Dec. 15th ~ she sent me this email:

“Since starting Shakeology, I’ve only had to give myself 4 injections for my migraines, and taken very few other meds for them! I used to take just that in a week! AND, I finally feel good enough to start exercising again!

THEN, I checked in with her on Jan. 5th ~ and she sent me this…………

“Migraines and headaches are not as bad! However, if I skip a day of Shakeology, I usually get a mild headache towards evening. There is something in that shake that keeps the daily headaches away, and the migraines from occurring as often.”

Shakeology Migraines

Shakeology Migraines

Shakeology® has the power of nutrition to help fuel your body with the healthy vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly. And, while health experts identify migraines as neurological disorders, the symptoms you experience and the frequency you incur them in may be reduced by drinking a daily dose of Shakeology®. The disorder can't be cured, but you may be able to diminish the symptoms that rob you of your quality of life.

And, if it's as easy as whipping up a shake a day and drinking it, I'm all in!  Order Here!

- Seay Stanford

Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, IIN

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