Shakeology Ingredients Researched! As long as I get ridiculous objections I will always wake up with a clear purpose every morning to change the way Americans think.

Instead of asking why:

- there is so much sickness. - medications are so expensive. - our society focuses more on calories than nutrition, yet we are fatter than ever. - you are tired all the time. - Shakeology is "so expensive" yet you'll buy Starbucks, 5 Hour Energy or Red Bulls everyday.

Try researching: - the effects of artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors, processed foods, soy and high fructose corn syrup on your body. - Asking what the physical symptoms of not getting enough vital nutrients feels like to your body. - Why crappy food is so cheap and healthy food is expensive. - Why it's more profitable for our government (ie FDA) for us to be sick than healthy.

I hope my Snarky Seay inspires ONE person to think differently today...