Shakeology for Seniors Older adults often find it challenging to maintain healthy diets due to other issues resulting from common symptoms of aging. However, proper nutrition is essential, no matter what age you are. Maintaining a strong immune system, sustaining muscle strength and obtaining a healthy weight (in addition to a number of other health benefits) are all dependent on healthy eating habits. And, because many of us (old and young) find it hard to eat well, Shakeology may be a great solution, especially for older adults!

As we age, several things happen to us that affect the way we eat. It's common for our sense of taste to get duller, which makes the foods we once loved not nearly as satisfying or appetizing. Eating just doesn't provide the enjoyment it used to when it doesn't taste good. Add that to a naturally decreasing appetite, common in the elderly, and there isn't much of a desire to eat anything, little lone healthy items.

According to AARP, many older Americans have dental problems as they reach their more mature years. Missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures are common problems that make chewing and grinding foods hard to do. These issues result in many people resorting to foods that are easier to get down, which often include processed foods instead of fresh vegetables and fruits. These choices are often full of sugar, empty calories and artificial colors and flavors, instead of essential vitamins and nutrients.  And compared to ENSURE, Shakeology has no artificial flavors, colors or SOY.

Older adults may benefit tremendously by drinking Shakeology. Not only is it easy to get down, but it's also convenient. A lot of senior citizens opt for dishes that are easy to prepare, because they lack the energy or the ability to cook like they once did. Many explain that cooking really doesn't have an appeal when you're just preparing food for one, so they just don't do it. As a result, they lack healthy options in their diets. But, if they add just one serving of Shakeology daily, the vitamins and nutrients they miss out on will be added back into their bodies.

The Administration on Aging reports that many elderly Americans have weakened immune systems, due to overall health, medical conditions or simple effects of age. Once your immune system is weakened, it leaves you much more susceptible to disease, infection and pneumonia, all very common among the elderly population. But, Shakeology can help bolster a person's immune system.

Shakeology contains two powerful kinds of ingredients that boost the immune system directly:

  • Phytonutrients: These plant-derived ingredients help prevent disease, keep the body working properly, promote healthy aging, detoxify the body and alkalinize the body. Many older people have extremely acidic diets which include soda, coffee, pasta and processed deli meats. An overly acidic environment may lead to disease. The phytonutrients help stave off illness as they neutralize the body, strengthening the immune system.
  • Adaptogens: Shakeology includes nine adaptogen ingredients that help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. In basic English, this means that these ingredients fuel the body with energy and promote a strong immune system by overcoming chemicals that lead to disease when they become too prominent in the body.

It's hard to get all the vitamins, nutrients and other stuff your body needs when you're young and feel good. But, as you get older, it's even more difficult, because life often presents other challenges that get even more in the way. Shakeology is a great solution as it offers so many benefits that may help older adults:

  1. Strengthened immune system
  2. Daily dose of vital nutrients and vitamins that help the body function correctly
  3. Better absorption of nutrients and minerals
  4. Improved digestion
  5. Increased energy
  6. Ingredients that help keep muscles strong
  7. Support of optimal brain function
  8. Mood elevation
  9. Convenience
  10. Natural aid to lowering blood pressure

It's never too late to focus on improved nutrition. A healthy diet is key to feeling good, now and as we age. It's amazing how fueling your body with the right stuff makes such a difference in how you feel!

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