Shakeology and Plexus Slim Comparisonby Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, Seay Stanford

I understand that there is a lot of excitement going around about the "pink drink." Plexus Slim and its supplements have swept the nation with claims that it will help users lose weight, control their appetites and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. So, I was wondering how it compared to Shakeology, my personal favorite nutrition shake.

For my money and efforts, Shakeology is my choice. Where are the vitamins and nutrients in Plexus? There aren't ANY! It's not a nutrition shake -- it's simply a weight-loss shake, void of anything that is going to actually make you any healthier.

There are several objections I have to the famed pink drink.


Seay Stanford Plexus Slim
Seay Stanford Plexus Slim

After trying to find out more information about Plexus Slim, I have come to the conclusion that nobody really knows what it consists of, exactly. Sure, I mean -- the label lists its ingredients. But, there's not a breakdown to tell you how much of every ingredient you are getting within one individual serving. The label tells you that chromium nicotinate is the major ingredient, with 200 micrograms, and accounts for 167 percent of a daily recommended allowance.

To me, this high level of chromium is a bit of a concern. High levels of chromium in the body can lead to stomach problems and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), according to WebMD. Supplements that introduce too much chromium into the body can damage the liver, kidneys and nerves, in addition to causing an irregular heart rhythm. Even though side effects are rare, it's really not worth the risk to me. Additionally, chromium nicotinate doesn't have the results that they are cracked up to have. A 2013 study showed that it did NOT promote glycemic control in diabetics, which is one of the major claims of Plexus.

Other ingredients included in Plexus are:

  • A proprietary blend of:
    • Chlorogenic Acid (from green coffee beans)
    • Garcinia  Cambogia fruit extract
    • Alpha lipoic acid
    • Others:
      • Polydextrose
      • Citric acid
      • Natural flavors
      • Beet extract
      • Stevia extract
      • Luo han guo extract

Firstly, I want to address chlorogenic acid. It's basically caffeine. One of the major reasons Plexus decreases appetite is due to the levels of caffeine introduced into the body. And, while chlorogenic acid may not be harmful in small quantities, there is no way of telling how much you're getting in a Plexus drink, because the label doesn't provide any information. But, one of the main things we know about caffeine is that it's addictive. So, the caffeine in Plexus is addictive, but it may also have negative effects on your body including:

  1. Increase the risk of heart disease in those who are already at risk
  2. Increase anxiety and its effects
  3. Worsen bleeding disorders
  4. Changing the way diabetics process sugar
  5. Worsen diarrhea
  6. Elevate blood pressure (especially for anyone who already suffers from high blood pressure)
  7. Worsen symptoms of IBS
  8. Increase the risk of osteoporosis, because it flushes calcium out of the body

Secondly, garcinia cambogia, originally used in Hydroxycut, does not produce the results that are touted. A clinical study debunks its effects and equates it with a placebo. This ingredient does not really do anything to promote weight loss, despite its recognition value of being a "superfood," supposedly.

Alpha lipoic acid has several uses that it may be good for, but not enough scientific research has been conducted to prove its effectiveness either way.

Add all of this to the supplements that are recommended to amp up your progress with Plexus -- and, it's crazy! Boost, Block and Accelerator are some of the supplements. One of the major ingredients in the Accelerator supplement is Vitamin B12, which is great for the body. But, not at the level that it's included in the pill form. It contains over 8,000 percent of the recommended daily value. Seems a bit steep to me!

Does it work?

Shakeology has been clinically proven to help users lose weight, lower cholesterol and lower blood sugar.

There is no clinical evidence that Plexus Slim can do any such thing. There are no clinical trials nor published peer-reviewed studies. There simply isn't any actual evidence that Plexus lives up to its claims. There is no way of knowing if its ingredients are helpful or harmful, because the amounts are not displayed. It's all a big secret. The label fails to disclose how much is in each serving -- so, it's impossible to determine if it's effective or even safe.

Company Practices 

The Plexus company doesn't share information about its ingredient sources, quality control protocols or manufacturing processes. It leaves a lot of questions about whether the product could be tainted or contaminated, whether it contains GMOs or even if the products are pure.

Beachbody is fully transparent about the 70 superfoods included in the proprietary blend that makes up Shakeology, along with the vitamins and nutrients that it consists of. Their manufacturing processes are void of contamination and the ingredients are pure and contain no GMOs. Additionally, whether it matters or not, Beachbody is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a rating of A+. Plexus Worldwide, Inc. is not accredited and only has a B+ rating. I think that says a lot for Beachbody, as a company.

Cost and Convenience

Plexus will cost a user between $120 and $150 per month. That will probably include the shakes and the supplemental pills. Not only do you have to find a way to work your Plexus drink into your routine, but you also have to remember to take the pills, in order to get full advantage of your weight loss "stuff." I understand that Plexus ambassadors also recommend cleaning up your diet and incorporating movement into your daily life -- but, there aren't any products that assist in these efforts to make that lifestyle change.

Shakeology is ONE shake per day, for approximately $4 per serving. With water, almond milk, coconut milk or other liquid of choice. You don't NEED any additional supplements to make you healthy or to make your efforts effective when you drink Shakeology. Beachbody offers numerous meal planning options and advice...along with workouts to help you find a level of physical fitness that your body needs to get healthy.

So, put down that pink drink, get rid of the unnecessary supplements and join me for a big glass of Shakeology!

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