Seventeen Sacrifices to Create Your Best Life Yet and Find more time to Build your Business

Listening to Music in the Car

Music is ok- just AFTER you have FUELED your mind first with EMPOWERING, POSITIVE, CONFIDENT, THOUGHTS and anything else that fuels your mind with emotional sunshine.  What you hear should challenge you to think BETTER and STRONGER and then help you APPLY it!  The more you learn, the more you earn.

Reality TV, and Trash Mags 

Especially celebrity culture. Stop giving a flying spaghetti monster about the Krapdashians, or how you look compared to the entirety of Hollywood. They’re all Photoshopped and they don't pay your bills.


Complaining really won’t get you anywhere, and the only person who it’s hurting is you. Start thinking positively. Figure out how to make your life more complaint-free.  And limit exposure to others that make complaining a pastime.  Energy follows thought.

Show gratitude instead, what you think about, you bring about.

Eating Out of Boredom

This kind of eating is a bad idea all-around. If you’re bored, it means you’re wasting time. Find something productive to do, or better yet- someones life to bless. Put some work in towards a goal or a dream. These would be much better uses of your time than visiting the fridge for the seventh time this hour.  And- it sets a healthy example!

Waiting for Something to Happen

The world isn’t going to wait for you. Go after what you want.  There is a box waiting in heaven full of EVERYTHING you wanted to do in your time here on Earth.  Live your life NOW so that when you open it, it is.... EMPTY.

Being Indecisive

Indecision often stems from fear. Deep down, you’re likely to know what decision you want to make.  Listen to your gut, not others and their "concerns" for you and your choices.  Self esteem is learned and inherited.  Show your kids what their MOM can REALLY ACCOMPLISH!!

Hanging around Negative People

The people in your life shouldn’t be a constant stream of negativity. Give them the figurative (or even literal) bird, and find some positive people to spend time with.  Find a mentor or group of mentors.  You’ll feel a whole lot happier and enjoy life more.  Don’t take advice from someone more messed up than or scared of change, than you are.

Watching TV

A little TV is okay, but it shouldn’t be the center of your universe. Instead of watching other people have adventures, have some of your own.

Pinning Pictures

Stop day-dreaming of amazing things on Pinterest, and start DOING them.  Unless it’s for your VISION BOARD.

Brand Obsessing and Unnecessary Shopping

All that expensive crap you covet really isn’t that special, despite the heinous price tag. They’re likely to be exploiting just as many third-world children as the cheap labels. Get over brand name obsession and spend your time and money on something worthier, like investing in YOU or your business.

I’ve never seen a hearse with a UHaul behind it.  People don’t care what you have or what you did, they remember how you made THEM FEEL.  Go connect with someone.


I know it can be juicy and kind of fun, but it really gets you nowhere.  Every person you meet WILL later speak about you behind your back.  YOU get to represent what you hope they would say.

Time Spent on Unrequited Love

This can be one of the hardest things to let go of, but you simply must. Unrequited means that you probably know that they’re not interested. Why waste your time on that when you can be working on being happy? When you find the right person for you, you’ll lament all the wasted time spent on someone who didn’t care.  LOVE yourself first, and know that self love is not Selfish.  As you make and acomplish your goals, you will feel more LOVE for yourself and attract the love that complements your momentum and confidence.


Even if it means skipping out on happy hour.  Instead, Listen MORE.  Listen is silent, rearranged.  Being quiet and present in your thoughts is the most productive thing for your vision and focus.  

“Squirreling” Your Time

Schedule EVERYTHING and stop running around like a squirrel.  TIME is your currency.  Schedule time wisely as we ALL get exactly the same amount.  It’s the Money you earn that gives you more SHARES of life experiences and freedom with those you love.

Stop being the COE

Chief Of Everything.  Instead, think like a CEO and deleagte the entry level stuff in your life.  Dishes, laundry, even some stuff with your business.  Think of the things that CREATE more valuable time spent.  You can pay teens to do a lot of tasks for you.  Or, if you dont have money, barter what you can.  Hire a babysitter for a couple hours or swap time with another mom.  

Wasting Time at Work

The AVERAGE person works a focused four of eight hours of their work day.  If you have ANY down time at work, you can use this to do more in your business.

Mindlessly “Scrolling” Social Media

Create a target list of people and focus on THEM, instead.

I'll Leave You with THIS....

90% of new businesses FAIL, due to lack of organization and poor time management.  Put every bit of your energy and time towards FOCUSED activities over the next five years so you can live like no other, for the next 50.


Seay Stanford

SuperStar Diamond Coach

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