Seay Stanford England Adventure Week 3 Week THREE of our UK adventure!  Looking back at the last three weeks:


~ The weather!  I never thought Id say that here, but although it does get dark super early at 330pm, the days have been GLORIOUS and sunny.  Its not rained or been gloomy at all.

~ I CAN deal with the cold!  Ok so it may have taken buying two new jackets, new socks, gloves, hats and two pairs of boots…LOL but with the right clothes the cold is NO ISSUE for me at ALL!

~ I drove!  LOL And it was scary!!  But I survived!!  I know I said I wouldnt, but I feared that if I didn't at least TRY, then I would be presented with a situation where I HAD to (Neil hurting himself, being stranded etc) and had no experience.  So I knew I had to put my big girl pants on and TRY IT ANYWAY! And I did!

~ My daughters are here for TWO WEEKS!  After we celebrate Christmas, and Neils birthday here, the four of us will be flying to and touring Edinburgh, Scotland for three days.

~ Reagan LOVES his school.  He has several “mates” and has had a part in the school Christmas play.

~ Neil has reunited and I have met several of Neil’s long time friends.  It’s been both good and bad (LOL) hearing stories about my pre-Seay husband ;-)


~ We spent a weekend in Wales.  That was a BEAUTIFUL weekend and seeing the hills, sheep, castles and churches was breathtaking.

~ I’ve worked out nearly every single day! Staying on focus with my workout and regaining strength since my back issues this year has been important to me.  And I feel stronger every day.

~ I have the BEST assistant in the world.  That I know for a fact and I am so blessed to have her.

What’s a BUMMER: ~ I miss my friends.  I have a whole new respect for military wives that move often and have to rebuild their lives and support system.  Until you rely solely on your husband, or yourself for your social world and getting around, it’s hard to imagine what its like.  Not having my girl friends to spend time with, dress up and go out with is a bummer.  Neil went out with the guys one night and I nearly wanted to cry.  Not because he was going out, but because it was a huge holiday party and social weekend and I had no one of my own to laugh, dress up pretty and go have fun and make laughs with.

~ My eating has not been ideal.  There are so many new places to enjoy that neither of us have been eating our routine norm.  Although we’ve had our shake every morning, the day usually goes down hill from there.  Thats a choice, I know it, and I can change it.

~ I am annoyed with our appliances and amenities.  They are very dated and substandard making efficiency, cooking, blending, showering (the water pressure sucks so badly it wont even get soap out of my hair so we shower at the gym).  I really look forward to having my own again.

~ I heard several old ladies at the gym that are not able to drive and be with their grown children for the holiday.  So they are sitting at home.  Alone.  That made me sad.


Edinburgh Scotland
Edinburgh Scotland

~ The children I have seen here in the UK are the most WELL BEHAVED children I have ever witnessed.  We are out A LOT and in three weeks, numerous visits to the city, mall and countless restaurants Ive yet to see ONE child, ages infancy to pre-teen whine, cry, fuss, throw food, act out, or disrespect their parents and others.  NOT ONE.  I actually joked to Neil at one point they must either sedate kids or give them happy gas or something over here because they are THAT well behaved.  I’m sure they do, I just haven't seen one yet.

And what else is interesting is in three weeks, I have not seen ONE CHILD on an electronic device of any kind.

~ England does NOT tolerate drinking and driving at all.  They randomly pull cars over (and the police have been really pleasant) and give drivers breathalyzer tests.  Like A LOT, just to be sure.  You dont have to swerve, or break the law.  They just pull random cars over every where and ask for the driver to blow, then let you go on your way if you pass.  The legal limit is .03.  We’ve been pulled over once already in broad daylight coming home from the gym.    They line your car up on the side of the road with the others with a huge sticker on the “Seized by the Police for Drunk Driving”.  You're insurance is guaranteed to triple and never go down.  They seriously have ZERO TOLERANCE.

~ The license plate on your car,  is registered to the car and stays with the car when you sell it.  In the states, you keep your tag and move it from car to car when you buy and sell.  There are also very few, if any junky looking cars on the roads here and I asked Neil why they are all newer, rarely dented and rusted.  He said, the UK has a MOT test (Ministry of Transport) when the car is three years old, and every year there after and the test is VERY VERY STRICT.  If the car doesnt pass the very strict MOT, if is illegal to be on the road.  So if a car cant pass the MOT, because of dents, transmission, or rust it is deemed useless.  So nearly all the cars on the road are new.  There is literally no used car market here.  There are perfectly good cars here (by US standards) but they are useless and completely of no value in the UK.  The purpose is to keep the air cleaner.

~ Scrunchies are still very much “IN” over here.

What MATTERS: ~ My girls are here, and had a safe FLIGHT.  Thank you British Airways, air traffic control and Jim and Judie!

Stanford before After
Stanford before After

~We are all together for the holidays and Neil’s 43rd birthday with Neil’s family for the first time ever.  We are healthy and happy.

~ We have freedom to travel, work from anywhere and experience life as we want it, together as a family.  You never know when your time will be up—-> So GO LIVE IT.

~ LOVE, Actually.  Yes the movie.  Because no movie represents the power of LOVE, of all kinds, better.  The kind you long for and cant have, lust,  loss of love, love of children, family love and unconditional love.  If you have not seen the movie, rent it.  If you have, watch it again.  It’s not only a Christmas time movie, but it reminds us that all LOVE actually, is what matters <3

~ Unconditional Giving:  When we help others, we helps ourselves.  You feel better and more connected with humanity.  There is a lot of sadness, problems and issues in our world and most things that are stressful- are not really a big deal.  I ask you to pay a good deed forward to someone in need, and don’t share on social media what you did.

England Travel
England Travel

Merry Christmas… Be safe, have FUN, celebrate the birth of Jesus, and be thankful for the LOVE all around you <3