Seay Stanford: My Family Beachbody Journey to the Millionaires Club  Never in a Million Years would I believe I'd be in a Millionaire Club.   If you had told me four and a half years ago my family would be where we are today I would have said you were CRAZY!!!

We have a life by design that allowed:

- me working from a Home Office

- more quality time with my family.

- us living debt Free

- my 44 year-old husband RETIRING from a 20 year career in the car business

- freedom to live in England for three months a year (or more, SHOULD we want to!)

- living in our DREAM home.

Seay Stanford Top Beachbody Coaches
Seay Stanford Top Beachbody Coaches

WOW. I just have to stop for a second. #somebodypinchme #beyondblessed #sogladIfollowedmyheart

As I reflect on these last several years, I can tell you that I’ve always loved helping people. Truly! But to wrap my mind around a platform as massive as this… Well, I would not have believed it myself!

In 2009 I was laid off from my pharmaceutical career. I was 8 weeks pregnant at the time and really didn’t WANT to go look for more work!!  Jeez, looking for a job—> IS a JOB!  In my heart of hearts I simply longed to be present in my pregnancy.   I had two daughters from my previous marriage and had returned to work when they were both six weeks old.  I missed the majority of their “firsts”!!! I didn’t want that with my son, especially knowing it was my last baby. <3  At nearly 37 years old I wanted to be a stay at home mom to him. I wanted to SLOW DOWN and be present with my entire family.

Truth be told, the thought of job searching and returning to the corporate grind gave me more anxiety than I could deal with. Here’s the thing though…

Our finances were not stable.  My husband left his corporate job with Nissan and opened his own car lot.  We took out a 30k loan to get that started, but- as the case with most new businesses- the sales were not covering the overhead yet (much less our personal bills).  We depleted our savings, then our 401k, then started putting our mortgage on our credit cards.  Then THOSE maxed were out.  We were financially going deeper and deeper into a hole.  After a very bleak Christmas 2010, it was inevitable. I had to find work in January.

As fate had it, in January of 2011 a quarter-sized tumor was found in my right breast during a routine mammogram.  At this point my spirit felt completely defeated.  Although we were in a financial mess, I was home with my 1 year old son, present for my two daughters and was married to the man of my dreams. I was trying to live life on my own terms and was ANGRY that this was something I had to deal with…NOW!!! Man life can be SO HARD!

Is HCG safe? Side effects
Is HCG safe? Side effects

I’ll fast forward and say that the tumor was benign and after a ton of research, I learned it was most likely linked to HCG hormones I had injected myself with six months earlier—> in hopes for rapid post-baby weight loss. (you can read more about my HCG experience here).

After we surfaced on the other side of THAT mess I was still looking for work and needed to lose weight.  In March of 2011 I decided to do P90X and give Shakeology a try (and you can bet your ass I researched all of the ingredients before I put it in my body). My results were AMAZING. I FINALLY had energy and felt great about myself again and wanted to share with other people that fad diets not only don't work- but can be very dangerous!!! I personally learned from my own (very scary) experience that there are much better and healthier alternatives out there! I dug deeply into studying nutrition. I was so passionate about it I decided to complete a year long certification in holistic nutrition from Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

P90x Results women
P90x Results women

With a passion for nutrition, proof that the products were second to none and a desire to make my own rules, I became a coach for Beachbody in July 2011. I had very high hopes of not only sharing my story and inspiring and teaching others how to lose weight and get healthy safely, but to also earn some income to help contribute to my family in the process.  I remember thinking “if I could at least earn 50-60K a year I can do this forever”.  Surely we could figure out a way to survive off that.  (down from my $150K/year income with Pharmaceuticals).

In the beginning I didn’t have big dreams or aspirations.  Anything at that point would have been a positive deposit for our household.  But it ignited hope deep within me! Hope for a future that I hadn't felt in a long time.  I found that I LOVED helping and teaching people.  I LOVED knowing I had a part in motivating them and getting them off of the diabetes and depression meds that I once used to sell. (Avandia and Paxil).

All of the emotional reward I received from all of the people I was helping over-shadowed the fact that I was in a “network marketing” company, because nothing about it FELT like one.  I believed “them” (LOL) to be pushy and salesy.  I believed “them-the naysayers of network marketing.” to be something you dumped a lot of money into to get started.  I also believed “them” to be for “uneducated losers” who couldn’t get a real job. But guess what? It was not AT ALL like any of that.

I went to a training in Chicago in August 2011 (yep- I put that on my credit card, too).  I looked around and there were college educated, career-experienced people all around me.  There were also people with no degrees, no career experience and no business background making well over six figures. At that point I realized WHO YOU WERE DID NOT MATTER.  What you WANTED OUT OF LIFE, did.  That day something shifted for me. That day I decided, “I’m going to treat this as if I was hired at a 6 figure company and go all in”. I started teaching my customers to do what I did and they started earning some income, too.  My “days of contributing to my family’s bottom-line” turned into this rewarding ripple-effect where I helped customers, and they eventually wanted to help others too.  And my mobile / internet began to business grow.

Four and a half years later I am still doing what I did in July 2011.  I help, believe in and teach people how to live healthier.  But on a much bigger scale now.  I have a lot more customers and a lot more coaches that I’ve trained over the years.  This little “side job” has since:

Paid off all our debts.  And then SAVE.

Allowed us to pay cash for our Audi Q7 and my husbands Porsche

Brought my husband home, he’s now our family (and household) CEO and in the Body Beast Infomercials

Allowed us to live in England and travel Europe as a family for three months last year.  We visited Scotland, Wales, Salzberg, Austria, Munich, Germany, Prague, Budapest, and London, England.  All while I was able to continue to work.

Beachbody England
Beachbody England

Travel on paid Beachbody vacations, to Atlantis Bahamas, Disney Yacht Club, Vegas, 2 Royal Caribbean Cruises, Cancun Mexico, Nashville and Southern California many times.  Next year is a 5 day trip to the Dominican Republic at the All-Inclusive Hard Rock Resort.

Send our son to a private school (and pay his tuition up-front, in cash).

Pay for our daughters camps, activities and trips without stressing.

Buy our dream home.

I am even a corporate 3x Speaker/ Trainer for the company on Shakeology- the product that I am SO passionate about and what got me started on this amazing ride!!!

Millionaire Beachbody Coaches
Millionaire Beachbody Coaches

All while working from a laptop on our couch.  If you told me a “job” existed that you had no ceiling to your income for your effort, with the perks, flexibility and freedom that Beachbody offers—> I’d declare it was a scam, too!!  Why?  Because it’s not the “traditional”  way people like myself are raised or are taught to think!!!

I was raised under this guidance: You get good grades, go to college and get a good job or start a business and work your way until you retire in your 60’s.

I thought that the 150k I was bringing in as a pharma rep was killer money, and never dreamed that I was worth more because our culture and my company made me believe so!


I do believe that from struggle comes success.  And because my family was struggling so much and I had so much desire to be a stay at home mom, I MADE it work.  I took it as seriously as a six figure career, as most take college seriously, as someone who invested their entire savings to start a car business.  But I invested $140 and created a million dollar earning business in 54 months!!!!  And to think our car lot we invested 30k…EEek!

Here is what I think about a lot of this. I think that the majority of people only take this opportunity seriously when their back is against the wall. If they are comfortable, then they take it lightly and treat it as an option.

But you don’t HAVE to come from struggle to become a successful top earning coach. You also have the option of simply loving helping others, and enjoying the side income as I did at the start!

Indulge me a bit longer. I want to share with you what took me a long time to believe:

—> You are worth MORE than what you believe or you are told. 

—> You CAN have flexibility and freedom in your work. 

—> You CAN wake up every day EXCITED to get to work (in your slippers and yoga pants- lol). 

Beachbody Successful coaches
Beachbody Successful coaches

Today isn’t just ME achieving the Beachbody Millionaire Club. It’s a combination of many moving parts: my time, my Family, my Team and my Friends.  We are all the sum of this monumental title.  I am grateful for the customers that put their faith in me. I am grateful for the coaches that joined  me on this amazing venture and stuck with and trusted the process and are now creating this life of their own! I am grateful for my family for supporting and sacrificing with me and my friends for encouraging me when I needed it!!!

If it was not for the coaches on my team and all of their sweat equity, work and belief, I would just be a coach selling retail products.  I may be the FACE of this milestone, but these people right here are the underpinnings of this title.  And to them, I say, thank you all for building this life along WITH ME <3

Team Beachbody Coaches Seay Stanford
Team Beachbody Coaches Seay Stanford

I would love to have you join my team, The Refinery, whether as a customer or a coach.  Our mission is about Refining Your Health, Wealth and Quality of Life.  I am passionate about what I do and would be doing you a disservice to not pay that forward.  If you are feeling stuck in anyway- whether it be your health, weight, finances, flexibility, fulfillment, WHATEVER!- I would love to talk more. I have online challenge groups both for my customers and online coach trainings and each start at the beginning of every month. Let’s get you started! Let’s be successful million dollar earners, together!!!

Nothing But Love, Seay <3

Millionaires MLM Network
Millionaires MLM Network

And for the Legal Team :-)

Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.