Scams, Schemes and Cults and Beachbody

Pyramid Scheme Beachbody
Pyramid Scheme Beachbody

I can't help but SMILE when I think of some of the people that poo-poo'ed on my business over the past 3 1/2 years ( as of June 2016 it's now 5 years). I've heard it called a "scam", a "cult" a "scheme", even by some of my own "friends".

Here's my "SNARKY SEAY" .02 Rant:

1) Scams are deceiving, and not at all transparent. They present one thing, and give you another. When you want out, you find you are usually stuck with a huge loss of time, money and effort. I am 100% transparent, as are my products and what they can do. And if you ever wanted out, you leave with no strings attached, as a customer or a coach. Scams also don't have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

2) Cults.....Positivity threatens the crap out of negative, pessimistic, skeptical people. Misery repels happy and uplifting people like oil does water. Im totally ok with having that separation. Im proud to be part of a positive, see the best in people "cult" and continue to spread my uplifting and inspiring ways to those wanting more of that kind of belief in their life.

3) I'm doing a "scheme". Ok - so schemes are similar to scams, but more conniving and premeditated. So here is my job: I promote products that help you get in better health. I empower you to help others do the same. And when you help others live healthier, we BOTH advance. I endorse nutrition that makes your body run better without chemical dependence or manipulation. Ive found that the ONLY people that have called Beachbody a scheme are the ones that have no idea what a scheme is by definition or the business model of my company.

The company you work for right now.....did you selectively chose them, or did you have to interview and wait for them them to finally choose YOU? Do you still have to wait to know if they will KEEP you or your position? Do they have have control over your pay and time off? Do you thrive in or feel depleted in your work environment and the people in it? Do you completely love and stand behind the products your boss makes you sell or activities your boss makes you do?

I WILL PROUDLY TELL YOU THIS: I chose the products I share with you and my reasons why, because I LOVE and BELIEVE in them. I was not given these products to sell as part of my job description. Ive endorsed products in the past as part of a job that I did not believe in. Ive had and rejected lucrative offers to sell products I would not even put in my own body. Its important to me to share with the world what I love, understand, believe in and know will improve the lives of my family and friends. I choose Beachbody, because they have a culture (cult) and integrity (scam) I want to stand behind and put my good name to. I chose THEM, they didn't choose ME. Big difference.

I give and give and give. And for that, I am rewarded. For everything I may "sell", what you don't know is that I spend 3x the amount of time giving away my knowledge, leadership and service to people---> for FREE.

Screenshot 2014-12-09 20.06.41
Screenshot 2014-12-09 20.06.41

I want more people to "GET IT" with network marketing. You must know that all companies are not created equal. You'd be foolish to assume so because you know that not all doctors, lawyers or cars companies are created equal, either. The one thing I hear once people join my team is "WOW--this is nothing like what I thought. I WISH I had understood and started sooner." Well---> this is your WAKE UP CALL!

I want more people to understand that your life doesn't have to have walls. You CAN travel and live as and where you wish (as I sit here in my English cottage with my family for the winter). You can swipe a debit card at the grocery store knowing it will process without feeling doubt and embarrassment that may not. You can live debt free without anxiety every time you open the mailbox. You can know what it feels like to say yes to your kids and buy them a frivolous toy just because you want to spoil them. You can stay up really really late on Sunday night JUST BECAUSE, you don't have wake up to that early Monday morning alarm clock. You don't have to hide money or get an allowance from your spouse, just because you want to buy a few things for yourself at the mall. You CAN have it all. I am living proof of it. I LIVED and FELT all of the above and I know it SUCKS.

This has been the ONLY career where I do EXACTLY as I wish. No limits, no authority, no boundaries, no financial investment, no risk. I CHOOSE this company, it didn't choose me. I SELECTED these products, they weren't assigned to me to sell. Yes of course- Ive WORKED DILIGENTLY for my success. But shit yeah its been 100% worth it and totally on my own terms. I worked diligently at college, at soccer, at other careers and NEVER had unlimited lifestyle potential. And the best part is: I get to pay this amazingly blessed life of freedom forward to my team, too.  So to all of you that poo-poo on "Beachbody" calling this a scam, a scheme and a cult, I sit back and ask----------- > So hows your job working for YOU?