Role of a CoachHi Team Refinery Coaches! Motivation and WHY we are doing this business are what will bring you purpose to your priorities.  Staying connected with WHY we became a Beachbody coach will drive you.  This may change as your business develops.  I have heard A LOT of motivating calls and this one is one of THEE best in my opinion.

One of the most motivational calls with great tips on time management is from #4 coach, Scottie Hobbs. This is 36 min

After you've listened to it, let us know the reason why you will not quit! BTW— you CAN post a video response if you want to as well! Sometimes recording something on the go is easier.

Regardless, please share the deeper reason you became a Team Beachbody Coach. Get personal!

Assignment: So why did you decide to be a Coach? What part of being aTeam Beachbody Coach are you passionate about? (But here is the one thing you CANT say: “to help people” because we are ALL here for whats your NEXT reason) You know, your deep meaningful reason ... Just like in fitness Challenge Groups, the people who can connect with their emotional why, never quit!