Why Leading with your Strengths Improves Performance

So how do you KNOW what your strengths are?  Or the strengths of your coaches?  Buy the book and they give you a code to take the strength finder test:

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.21.55 AM
Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.21.55 AM

Or you can ---> Find out your Top 5 Strengths for $9.99

Here are the 34 Strengths:

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.17.39 AM
Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.17.39 AM

And what they generally mean.  By taking the strength finder test, it will not only identify your strengths, but it will give you a several paragraph explanation on SPECIFICALLY how to APPLY your strengths in your Sales Business.

Achiever:   A relentless need for achievement.

Activator:   “When can we start?” is a recurring question in your life.

Adaptability:   You live in the moment.

Analytical:   “Prove it. Show me why what you are claiming is true.”

Arranger:   You are a conductor.

Belief:   You have certain core values that are enduring.

Command:   You take charge.

Communication:   You like to explain, to describe, to host, to speak in public, and to write.

Competition:   You have a need to outperform your peers.

Connectedness:   You know that we are all connected.

Context:   You look back to understand the present.

Deliberative:   You identify, assess, and reduce risk.

Developer:   You see the potential in others.

Discipline:   Your world needs to be ordered and planned.

Empathy:   You can sense the emotions of those around you.

Fairness:   Balance is important to you.

Focus:   Your goals are your compass.

Futuristic:   “Wouldn’t it be great if …” The future fascinates you.

Harmony:   You look for areas of agreement.

Ideation:   You are fascinated by ideas.

Inclusiveness:   “Stretch the circle wider.” You can to include people and make them feel like part of the group.

Individualization:   You’re intrigued by the unique qualities of each person.

Input:   You collection information – words, facts, books and quotations.

Intellection:   You like to think. You like mental activity.

Leaner:   You love to learn.

Maximizer:   Excellence, not average, is your measure.

Positivity:   You are generous with praise, quick with smile, and always on the look out for the positive in the situation.

Relater:   You derive a great deal of pleasure and strength from being around your close friends.

Responsibility:   You take psychological ownership for anything you commit to, and you feel emotionally bound to follow it through to completion.

Restorative:   You love to solve problems.

Self-assurance:   You have faith in your strengths.

Significance:  You want to be very significant in the eyes of other people.

Strategic:   You sort through clutter and find the best route.

Woo:   You win others over.

Want to take your Leadership of your coaches strengths to the next level?   

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.12.28 AM
Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.12.28 AM