The "Refine Your Body 21 Day COMMIT" Welcome and Assignment Video Welcome to the 21 Day COMMIT!  My name is Seay Stanford and I am excited to have you join our group of coaches that are committed to YOU getting the results you WANT!  Your FIRST step is to watch this welcome video and then complete the two assignments.  Are you REALLY ready to COMMIT to a better you?  This group isn't for Namby-Pambies...LOL  We want people that are ready to give it their all for the next 21 days.  Are you ready?  Then lets DO THIS!!!


Complete your Intro video with: a) Your name, where you are from and what your daily responsibilities are b) What is your REASON for joining the 21 day COMMIT. What are you wanting accomplish and achieve over the next 3 weeks. c) Who is your coach and what program are you doing.


The "Refine Your Kitchen" Video: 45 min

Design your life
Design your life