Hello everyone!  I want to share this quote with you... "YES, I believe EDUCATION is a great thing!  That's until it challenges my belief system".

Much of what you will learn here will be new to you and hopefully inspire you to slowly make better choices.  You are in this group because you have already made vested interest to learn and improve your health.  Like I once was, you may be confused with what IS good as data seems ever changing.   In this group, you will read whats "approved" in our food by the FDA and USDA and wonder, how the heck do they ALLOW this?  Aren't they the experts and their purpose is my safety?"  I used to think if it was approved for consumption, it must be tested, and safe.  That is not the case.  Public nutrition policy is dictated  by the political process, which is now heavily dictated by a corporate agenda to maximize PROFITS.  Profits are maximized by making food faster, bigger, prettier, last longer, easier and CHEAPER.

Keep Calm and Question Everything
Keep Calm and Question Everything

The food industry's greatest allies are in Congress.  Its the JOB of these politicians to protect the interests of their own states and the "products" that generate their state's biggest revenues.  So, a senator from Texas will obviously support the cattle industry.  A senator from Wisconsin is going to lobby and fight for dairy by not allowing any wording into government guidelines that will negatively effect his own states dairy industry.  So it's the USDA, politicians and corporations that shape the beliefs of what we what we should eat, not science.  It's a business.

As a former pharmaceutical drug rep for 10 years, I saw first hand many drugs get "FDA approval" with horrible clinical data and poorly designed trials.  Why?  Because BIG money talks by lining pockets of government decision makers.  A certain pharma company is able to "$ lobby $" for FDA approval more than another with product better data and science.   Part of my JOB, was to be trained in analyzing clinical studies, finding holes in it and sharing it to physicians.  We all can probably think drugs that were pulled from the market that we later learned should have NEVER been approved based on science.  The same holds true with the food industry.

So my daily message to you is, to QUESTION EVERYTHING.  Some information I will explain more in depth, here.  But most of it is from my training, former career,  and nutritional schooling.  There are AMAZING documentary titles here if you are interested in learning more.  These are loaded with more in depth topics and undercover investigations.  If you disagree, (especially the part on meat and dairy) feel free to share your belief system with the group and lets discuss it.  We are here to LEARN and hopefully become a more educated and knowledgeable consumer.  Consumer demand drives the market.

In questioning something, really process the deeper MOTIVATION.  Which do you think generates the  government more money?  Sick people needing and buying more medicines and procedures or healthy ones?   What am I benefiting from running this free group?   Knowing I may possibly help you and your family live a healthier and better quality of life.  And possibly, hopefully, maybe even prevent or reduce disease.  That's my MOTIVATION.

Lastly, what I hope you get most out of this group is that nothing is "GOOD" or "BAD".

It's a spectrum like this.   |-------|   Some choices are better and safer than others.  You can't over haul everything.  I don't want you to because you'll go crazy!    But as you learn, you can slowly SHIFT your majority choices towards the better and away from the worse.

So are you ready?!!!