Please make sure you use this as a GUIDE and put these into YOUR OWN words.  Make them sound the way you would talk to someone in person.  Add your personality to them.  You do NOT want to send someone the same exact message as another coach.  That would be awkward, right?! ;)

INVITE to CHALLENGE Groups (3-5 per day for steady business growth.  20-30 per day for faster business growth):


INVITE: Hi (NAME)! How are you doing?! Love seeing the pictures of the kids! (or write some other way that you can connect with the person)

Not sure if this is something that you might be interested in but I’m running a 21 Day Challenge group that will start on (Date). It features a program called the 21 Day Fix, which combines 30 minute workouts with a portion control nutrition plan designed specifically to fit your needs. We also pair that with Shakeology. I just completed my first round and I lost 9 pounds and 7 inches! I have more energy then ever before and my cravings are gone!

I’m going to be doing this next round with the group and I have 2 spots left. Would you like to reserve a spot and join my private group? I’m happy to answer any questions you might have! Can’t wait to hear back from you! Seay☺


Hey girl!!!  It's been forever since we've talked!  Just wanted to pop in and say hi!  I see your posts often and {{insert something you love about their posts}}.  Glad to see everything is going well with you!  I'm not sure if you've seen me rave about these online health/fitness groups that I'm doing, but they are incredibly motivating!  I've lost 15lbs in the last 30 days and I've gained so many new friends!  Do you know of anyone who might be interested in joining one of my groups?

*If they ask for info on Shakeology either send over the Shakeology benefits document or one of these videos.

Shakeology Ingredient Video (made by me): 100 Doctors Don’t Lie:

Why You Should Drink Shakeology Everyday: Tony Horton Checks out Shakeology Ingredients:


Hi (NAME)! How are you doing?! Love seeing the pictures of the kids! (or write some other way that you can connect with the person) Check out their wall and look for something interesting and connect that way.

I wanted to reach out to you and see if you were looking to improve your health, fitness and energy levels. The Summer is coming and lord knows it is time to get ready for it! I indulged a little too much over the Winter and it’s time to get back on track!

I have 1 spot left in my 21 Day private accountability and support group!  Would you like to grab it or hear more about it? The shakeology is what has been the life changer for me because I have never had more energy than I do now, plus it got rid of my late night cravings so I’m not constantly picking all night! Let me know what you think and how I can help you! Have a great day! Seay <3


Here are my 15 personal probing questions I use to keep the convo going and learn about THEM.  Don't use all 15 on someone...Dear Lord! LOL  Pick 2-4 that are your favorite questions and use them when appropriate. 30 min

(If they message you for details)

Hi there! THank you so much for messaging me! The details all depend on you! Will you share with me what your over all health and fitness goals are? What would you like to achieve? The more you share the better I can help!! -Seay xoxox!

(ask as many questions as possible to get to know them and their life FOLLOW FAMILY.OCCUPATION.RECREATION.AND THEN MOVE ON TO THE MESSAGE BELOW)

(Accepting a friend request:)

Hi! Thanks for the friend add! Did you have an interest in one of the groups I offer; 5-day clean eating or the online fitness group? Looking forward to chatting more with you.

(2) Awesome, thank you so much for sharing that with me. It makes it so much easier for me to help when people are open. I must say, based on everything you've said so far, I think you'd be perfect for the online support groups that I run. So here is the deal, we are doing a small group challenge online with a select number of people who are going to make a great fit. The commitment is 60-90 days of an in-home workout program - -typically each workout is about 25-30 minutes depending on the program we match you up with, my favorite all natural 100% clean whole foods/super foods meal replacement shake, weekly clean eating menu/shopping list/recipes = takes out all the guess work - and its real food that I even feed my family, and the Challenge Group accountability page on Facebook. You commit to the fitness program we assign you based on the questions I have for you. Doesn't this sound like something that would benefit you?? Challenger: >>>>>>> I wait for their response……

(3) ok super! I’m so glad you agree! I will get you details and cost info, that is totally based on what you already have at home. Some people have everything they need, others have to make a purchase, but my coaching is always free for sure! Just answer these last few questions for me and I'll get you all the info asap: -What sort of physical activities have you enjoyed doing in the past? -Have you tried zumba, kickboxing, running, weight lifting, bootcamp? What did you not like? -What is your exact height and weight. -How much time do you have a day to commit to working out?

I know it is a lot, but everyone gets a real, honest, recommendation from me, so please take the time to answer them and please tell me anything else about you that you would like to share, you can't tell me too much. We can only assure your success if we start right! So glad you reached out, excited to get to know more about you!


This is my story (or you can say, this is my coaches story, or you can send your before and after photo) and why we are chatting. Will you take a look at that and let me know once you have!!

Chalean Extreme :

Cize :

21 Day Fix -

The three videos that I attached are the three programs that I have in mind for you. Will you let me know which one stands out the most to you?

Challenger>>>>> wait for them to tell me which one they would like to do

(6) awesome, so this does look like something you can see your self doing for 90 days(or 60 or whatever the program is)???

Challenger >>>>> yes for sure!!

(7) Perfect!! Okay so for everything in my challenge your total investment will be  $180. $130 of that $180 is the meal replacement (the dense dose of daily nutrition) That breaks down to $4.45 a shake. I replace my lunch with shakeology. That is a heck of a lot cheaper than most meals, such as wendies, subway, starbucks and 100 times healthier so my husband and I take it out of our grocery budget, and we end up breaking even and we look at it as if we arent spending extra for it since it replaces a meal. I actually get it for $3.45 a shake as I am a coach. So you really are only spending $50 more for this entire challenge!


For a challenge pack, I just always emphasize exactly what they're getting- "You'll get everything you need to reach your goals- the entire program, portion control containers, meal guide, 30 days of shakeology, free shaker cup, 30 days free on demand (thousands of workouts streaming), a spot in our group for your accountability and support and me as your free coach!"

Challenger>>>>> Let me go talk to my husband and I will get back to you

(8) Perfect no problem, I totally get that! I have a hubby I always have to check in with too!! My challenge group will begin in just over a week, you will need to enroll for the challenge within the next couple of days? Will you be able to chat with your husband this evening so we can be certain that you get your challenge pack on time?

Challenger >>>>>>> Yes that should work.


Okay I will check back in with you at 9 PM tonight, will that be okay?


First Follow Up:

-Hi! Just checking back in real quick to see if you had any questions about what I sent over. I’m happy to help in any way that I can so just let me know!

-Hi! Not trying to be a pain in the butt, but I know you said you were interested in this and I just didn’t want you to miss out because I only have 1 spot left. Did you want to grab it?

-Hi! Just following up quick because the deadline to join my group is tomorrow night, so if you wanted to join us let me know by then so your things will arrive in time to start with us!

- Hi! Sure you don’t want to grab this last spot in my group so you can take advantage of all my best tips, recipes, and daily motivation?

Here are additional printable ones from 10 Star Coach, Elizabeth Hartke: