Personal Training Income
Personal Training Income

Meet JACK and SUSIE.


Both charge the SAME hourly rate, have the same amount of clients and work the same amount of hours every week.

Yet, SUSIE earns TRIPLE what Jack earns and her clients see better results. Read here to see HOW it's POSSIBLE....

Finding Greater Success as a Personal Trainer

Chalene Johnson
Chalene Johnson

"Even a TOP PAID personal trainer can NOT reach the same earning potential as a thriving Diamond Beachbody Coach." ~ Chalene Johnson For 2012, when I received my 1099 for my very FIRST "rookie" year as a Beachbody coach I was shocked to see that I earned WELL above what an ESTABLISHED full-time PERSONAL TRAINER earns.

Personal Trainers and I BOTH provide services to clients that help transform their eating habits and work out.  But, unlike personal trainers who have to SEE MORE CLIENTS to EARN MORE I am working the SAME to earn MORE. Meanwhile this year, and every year after, my income will CONTINUE to DOUBLE.  "How" you ask?

Because I have: DUPLICATION and REACH.  Not only am I providing a service, like personal trainers, but I am able to REACH more people. My services reach all of America and Canada, not just my local town.  I am maximizing my earning by getting paid off the success of my ENTIRE team and their efforts. Imagine, as a personal trainer, if you got paid off all the other trainers efforts, too?

With this business model,  I can be sick, go on vacation and STILL earn. I can even RELOCATE anywhere in the country and STILL continue to earn without losing ANY of my clients. With Beachbody's line of products, I have an entire "store" of supplements and name brand fitness products that I can offer people. I bet most of your gym clients are purchasing supplements from SOMEWHERE or SOMEONE, right?   Why not have them purchase from YOUR "store" and know they are getting clean, chemical-free supplements?

I have no over head and no contracts to fulfill.  I am NOT saying this to compete with personal trainers. I am saying this to show what is POSSIBLE if you are one!  If your clients are seeing you three days a week, why not assign them a  Beachbody program to do on the OTHER days they are not with you?  Or, while they are traveling?  If they get results through what you suggest, they are MORE likely to be happy and keep coming back to you.  You are providing VALUE.  Plus, you will also be earning income off the supplements you are able to offer them.

As a personal trainer YOU can take the service you currently provide people to an entirely NEW income level by doing WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY DOING, every day.  You can even "specialize" your current niche by becoming CERTIFIED in the brands, INSANITY or P90X, and have something ELSE to offer clients.

How much do you REALLY believe your income will grow this year? How much HARDER will you have to work to DOUBLE it?  My income  TRIPLED in 2013 over 2012,  working the same hours as I did in 2012. Its working SMARTER, not HARDER.   Why not consider doing the SAME by adding Beachbody to your repertoire of training talents.   Literally, for a $40 business investment, what do you have to lose???

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This is a great video testimony from Don Murphy.  He is the owner of the largest Gold's Gym in America.  His sister is also Chiropractor living a Vegan life-style.  Both have incorporated Beachbody into both their business  practices.

Insanity Certification Beachbody
Insanity Certification Beachbody