Tips to lose weight
Tips to lose weight

How to have New Years Weight Loss Resolution SUCCESS!

RAISE YOUR HAND if you are going to claim losing weight as a personal resolution this January? FOUR out of ten people will be right there along with you!

Did you know that 80% of people don't reach their weight loss resolution...NOT because the program they choose didn't work, or the gym they joined didn't fulfill, but because they lacked SUPPORT! That is the #1 reason people FAIL and GIVE UP. Our weight and lifestyle is the reflection of who we surround ourselves with. And if you are like most folks, you may have friends or family that live in unhealthy circles that ultimately, help you NOT reach you fitness goals.

So how can little ole ME on the internet help... YOU??? First I will say that I have been a VERY successful health coach for almost four years. I have helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off. I am also a certified holistic health and nutrition coach. I am NOT a personal trainer. Thats not my role. I am the advocate and daily support system towards your personal success because...

- I give you attention, recognition, and SUPPORT every single day!

- I provide you with new online private circles of friends that have the SAME DESIRES and struggles as you...but also want to succeed and support you, and you will also help support THEM.

- I will provide you a home fitness program that meets YOUR personal needs. No gym, no commute, no added costs, no contracts. You can even invite your own local friends over to join you to work out and build your own personal support and accountability.

- I will help you with meal planning, recipes, clean eating tips that will help clear the confusion of what to eat.

- I will provide you with all of your natural and whole food based-vitamins and nutrients so you do not become nutrient deficient. When you have the right nutrients, cravings go away and so does the mid-day fog. I will also provide you with pro/prebiotics to help restore your digestive system so you have a healthy GUT!

- I have several fitness programs that I strongly suggest. But we will discuss whats best for YOU. I personally will be doing the brand new modified INSANITY MAX 30. Did you know that nearly ALL of the at home programs I now offer are 30 minutes or LESS?! YOU CAN DO 30 MINUTES! can have all the REAL DEAL lifestyle tools and support you need. No gimmicks, no fads, no pills, no magic potions. Just good clean lifestyle changes and fitness WITH SUPPORT.

The CHOICE is yours.... Are YOU going to be in my nation wide online fitness and accountability group starting on Jan 5? Or will you be bored- wandering around the gym by February, not knowing WHAT to do to get results, or understanding what to eat, and with little support when you NEED it?

Yes!! I WANT IN!