Need to GAIN Weight?  What are the Best Weight Gain Drinks?

Just as obesity is a huge problem in the U.S., a significant portion of the population battles being underweight. Illness, depression, stress, age and other factors may cause people to lose weight and struggle to maintain a healthy position on the scale.

elderly weight gain
elderly weight gain

Being underweight may cause you serious problems trying to gain weight, simply because your current diet doesn't give you enough energy or calories to build up an appetite. Additionally, older people may have complications such as bone density loss, weakened immune systems and vitamin/nutrient deficiencies, which leaves them frailer and at risk for injury or illness.

Children who cannot seem to maintain healthy weight levels are at risk for stunted growth and low performance in school.

Then, there may be the young male athletes looking to gain weight or bulk up.  In any case, the most important variable for all three of these cases, is good quality, high calorie nutrition.

Often, doctors and health professionals encourage underweight patients to drink “nutrition” shakes such as Ensure, Boost or Glucerna. These shakes may be suggested as meal replacements or snacks. While the intentions of doctors to get their patients to ingest extra calories is good, there are several reasons why Shakeology® is a better alternative to these options.

Now, I know, I know…you’ve heard that Shakeology® is a weight loss shake, right? No. It is a nutritional shake that can be incorporated into a healthy diet that restricts calories with the intention of weight loss. It can be used as a meal replacement or instead of a calorie-laden snack. It's ideal for this. People get great nutrition, while still limiting their caloric intakes so they can drop pounds and lean up.

HOWEVER, Shakeology® is, at its core, a true nutrition shake. According to Carl Daikeler, Beachbody CEO and Shakeology® co-creator Darin Olien, Shakeology® is designed for people who really expect the health benefits being represented by the ingredients on the label. It lives up to its hype as a product that delivers health benefits derived from whole food sources (70+ of them, in fact!). It's specially formulated to work together like a symphony. No artificial colors or sweeteners are present. It's chocked full of superfoods that enhance your body's well being.

trying to gain weight
trying to gain weight

People who are nutritionally deficient due to being underweight and lacking proper diets should be worried about consuming foods/products that are going to be beneficial to their health, not just adding calories to their bodies. In truth, everyone should be focused on this.

But, drinking the nutritional shakes advised by many doctors (Ensure, Boost, etc.) doesn't accomplish nutritional health. When you read the ingredients labels on these products, you can translate it to read water, sugar, preservatives and artificial colors artificial sweeteners and flavors. They actually consist of very few whole food natural vitamins and nutrients, and they provide several empty calories for what you get. If calories are all you're looking for, you get that with these shakes, with added chemicals.

Mike Adams, Editor of, says, "...the top two ingredients in Ensure are almost identical to the top two ingredients in soft drinks! ... the top four ingredients (are): water, sugar, corn syrup and maltodextrin. That's basically three sweeteners and water... So, essentially, what you have here with Ensure is a predominately sugar-water product that has been fortified with a few vitamins and minerals."

pedicure child weight
pedicure child weight

Experts across the board have criticized Ensure, Boost and the like for their artificial nature and the fact that the calories are mostly derived from sugar. No whole foods are present in these shakes. They do not consist of high percentages of vitamins and nutrients. The ingredients are mostly synthetic or chemical substances with few proven health benefits. They are not healthy for you.

If your goal is to rev up your calorie intake AND consume something good for you, get rid of these options.

Shakeology® at its base, mixed with just water, has about 140 calories in it. To meet the needs of an underweight person, it will require a bit of amping up to about 500-1000 calories based on the person’s individual needs.  But, these extra calories can be added with healthy foods that will increase the nutritional value of the shake. For instance, adding one banana, almond milk almond butter and coconut oil to a shake can increase it to a healthy 350 calories. Or, you can blend chocolate Shakeology® up with milk, two fresh pineapple rings, two large frozen strawberries, one banana and ice for a banana split shake totaling over 400 calories. Several recipes for enhanced shakes with over 350-500+ calories are available on Beachbody's Shakeology® website with the "Calorie" drop down tool.

Will Shakeology® magically make you gain weight? No. But, it can help add wholesome calories, while it also contributes beneficial vitamins and nutrients to a diet currently lacking in these health requirements.

Seay Stanford

Certified Holistic Health Coach

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Screenshot 2015-01-30 18.35.50

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