Are Your Vitamins Taking You?

READ ONLY IF YOU TAKE VITAMINS.... Did you know that whole food nutrients are more highly absorbed than synthetic? Shakeology is carefully made by drying the whole foods in a very delicate way. Using too much heat kills the enzymes making them useless, while not not drying enough, makes them go rancid in the bag. Every ingredient has its very OWN unique way of drying based on its climate. The benefit to YOU is that you are actually absorbing your nutrients instead of wasting or accumulating them, as in those synthetic vitamins you are taking. Not only does Shakeology give you nearly all the vitamins you need for the day, it can also REPLACE one of your meals. Dollar for dollar, Shakeology is a WAY better value for your wallet and your health.

 The Science:

All formulas of Shakeology have vitamins and minerals that come from the whole foods listed on the right side of the label. Chocolate, Greenberry, and Vanilla are fortified with added vitamins and mineral isolates, which are listed in the Supplement Facts, and you see them listed as Vitamins A, C, D, etc.  on the left side of the label.

There are a multitude of vitamins and minerals in our vegan formulations. The amount of vitamins and minerals will vary naturally as they are derived exclusively from whole foods, and not fortified with controlled levels of vitamin and mineral isolates. For example: four oranges from the same tree will have different levels of vitamin C; therefore, we are not legally able to specify vitamin and mineral levels on the Vegan Shakeology labels.

Some individuals favor vitamins and minerals derived only from whole foods, while others believe their bodies need extra vitamin and mineral fortification.

Shakeology is dietary supplement in a food form, and since our vegan formulas are not fortified, the levels of any one nutrient should not be an issue for anyone or for a pregnant woman.  Pregnant women need to careful about levels of Vitamin A (10,000 IU is the upper limit), but the amounts we have at unfortified levels are similar to those found  in unfortified foods, and in fruits and vegetables.  Accordingly, pregnant women should consider their intake of Vegan Shakeology as part of their normal diet, but should not rely solely on Shakeology to meet the needs of pregnancy for nutrients like iron, folate, vtamin A, and calcium.

Natural vs Synthetic Vitamins
Natural vs Synthetic Vitamins