National Call on Shakeology As coaches we MUST know and understand Shakeology specifically.   It's tied to EVERYTHING. New coach sign ups, SC points and residual retail income. There's no way around it, as Carl has anchored its sales to every aspect of our business. You don’t have to know everything about any of the programs or other supplements, but this, you really should.  Be proud in knowing that it truly is the most nutritionally dense-all-inclusive product on the market.  Sell it for health FIRST and the weight loss will follow.

Here is my very own National Call on how to Shakeology can fit in to your clients lifestyle and how to promote it.  

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.47.04 AM
Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.47.04 AM

ASSIGNMENT: My call is 25 minutes.

1) Click on my website link

2) Scroll to the very bottom of the main page

3) Click on the picture of my family that reads “Pitching Healthy Habits”.

Post your favorite take-a-ways?

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