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My Ultimate Reset Results & Experience

Wondering how to lose weight and not be hungry or gain it all right back? You may be even hoping to learn some new habits that will keep the weight off. Follow me as I share my March 2013 Ultimate Reset experience. I dont know about you but when the holidays hit and traveling because the norm, it becomes VERY difficult for me to stay on course with consistent exercise and healthy choices. It seems that as long as my life is mundane, its easy to keep a routine in tact, but while in different cities and at social events, it is next to impossible. My struggle is WINE! And since Im just 5’2″ those extra empty calories are NOT my friend. I can gain weight so easily with just a little wine added to my week. I came out of the holidays feeling quite lethargic, gross and ten pounds heavier. So the idea of doing the Ultimate Reset again, sounded great to me. Like I said, I am most successful with routine and mundane. What I loved about the reset is that it told me every day what to eat, but gave me the option to do “swaps”. The Reset concept is unlike any other “Detox” or “Cleanse” that involve forcefully pushing the body to excrete, often leaving us calorically deprived, dehydrated, chained to the commode and most of all, hungry. Then, once we go back to consuming a healthy amount of calories, we gain the weight right back. The reset is different, it’s gentle, doesnt eliminate any macronutrients (Carbs, fats, protein), isn’t based on calorie reduction and has plenty of food and snack options over the entire 21 day plan. Eating more, I actually lost ten pounds!

Whats the number one thing you hear most people say when trying to lose weight? They are TIRED and lack ENERGY! This is really what I think is brilliant about the reset. I felt AMAZING…like I was burning my own furnace for energy and it was non stop. I’m a girl that without 8 hours of sleep is one grouchy lady. I was waking up after six hours buzzing like a hummingbird. I had so much energy that I decided why not clean out the closets of my house, too. It really showed me that it’s the quality, not the quantity of food that matters. I learned, make the calories COUNT! So here are the “No’s” of the reset. No, smoking, caffeine, over the counter medicines, exercise, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, etc. Why? Because this is a program based on FOOD SCIENCE and reducing toxins. Not that exercise is a toxin but it does put your body through stress in the “repair process”. I know, many fitness buffs out there are thinking, “What?! I cant work out? Ill shrink!” I know, I thought that too! But here is what’s interesting. In the UR test group, professional athletes were measured on their baseline strength and endurance and then a post reset after strength. Most people would think that they would be WEAKER, right?! I did. But, they actually gained strength and endurance. The thinking is that once you eliminate the toxins, your body performs better and more efficiently.

Coffee, isn’t bad for you, but it’s not part of the UR science. You can add it back in AFTER. I would STRONGLY suggest that wean yourself OFF a week prior. Caffeine headaches HURT and you want to be able to take medicine to relieve the pressure. I substituted Oolong and Roobios teas from Teavana (those have zero sugar and caffeine). I found that it was more about the “ritual” than the actual coffee, itself. Holding hot tea, actually, was just as nice On to my…WINE! Ok- if my hubby didn’t yell “Wine Time” every evening at 5 o’clock my vice wouldn’t be so tough to conquer. But, as it seems I automatically react like a pavlovian dog panting and bouncing for my rewarding refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio every evening. So, here was one “solution” I used that played a great mind- trick (and worked) on me. The same ritual I found was the culprit for the coffee was the same case for my wine. So I went BACK to Teavana and got some “Strawberry Champaign” and “Chateau Blanc” flavored tea. Id brew those babies up, chill them in a wine decanter and pour myself some “wine” every evening. Ok- I admit, drinking iced tea is NOT the same delight as the real thing, but it WORKED for me, enough I can honestly say that I can do without the wine now. I will still enjoy it here and there, but 21 days of drinking my “tea” wine, was enough to break my ridiculous panting and consumption sessions at 5pm.

The FOOD. Everything is natural and organic and after day eight, VEGAN. Hello? Is this microphone on? You got really quiet when I said VEGAN. You did it again! Ok seriously, you are not required to wear braids and birkenstocks during the reset. Its not like “earthy- tree- hugger” Vegan. This was the very thing that put me off initially (wait, you’re thinking, I thought you said it would be the wine?!). Really, animal protein (aka dead MEAT) was a STAPLE behind every meal of mine prior to the reset. This was my meal planning: Breakfast, whats going to accompany my eggs? Lunch: Whats going to go with my chicken? Dinner: Yep- steak or fish and what’s going to go WITH THAT too (besides my wine of course)? That was my mentality. The food on the reset has so much FLAVOR and was so satifying to me that I didn’t miss my meat at all. I even when to a BBQ restaurant one night and another, my hubby grilled a big ole rib-eye and although it smelled GREAT, I told myself “In 15 minutes his meal will be ALL gone. I can live through and resist the next 15 minutes.” Thankfully it wasn’t my toddler eating it, or it would have had to resist it for two hours and I would have certainly given in. Going forward, I will eat animal protein, but it will be 10% of my week and it will be completely organic, grass fed, wild caught and worth every penny.

Speaking of penny, lets lastly touch on the money. Of course you pay more for organic foods, but you wont be wasting money on dining out. So in the end, I saved about $250. That was a savings on wine (of course, you knew that was coming), snacks, and dining out. As long as you can cut, steam, bake, and turn on a blender, you can make every thing on the reset. To save time (and money), you can double up recipes and duplicate meals. The times I ate socially I just brought my own packaged meal or politely passed. I told the server at the BBQ place that I was not ordering as I was doing a cleanse and she respectfully left me alone.

Im happy that Im not only feeling superb, Im down 10 pounds, my closets are cleaned out, I have broken some habits and instilled positive new ones. All while eating clean vegan foods and not conforming to birkenstocks. If youve ever been pregnant, you can TOTALLY do this! It’s got the similar restrictions as when you carried your baby minus the morning sickness, nine months of weight gain and screaming infant at the end. Seriously, you can do ANYTHING for 21 days!

I’ve posted my Ultimate Reset link below and would be happy to offer additional tips, share some of the recipes/ foods or just answer your questions. You can send me a message here or email me at Happy resetting, it’s my wine (tea) time!

GETTING STARTED!  My first time pre-season video VLOG:



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