What is HCG safe

What is HCG safe

My HCG Results and Outcome You may wonder WHY Im passionate about clean eating and promote the natural "old fashioned" ways to lose weight. And why I CHOOSE to stand behind the integrity of Shakeology and the Ultimate Reset. For the FIRST time publicly, I want to share with you WHY I have come to be the health advocate I am, today. It's only been until recently that my beliefs behind artificial sweeteners, processed foods, injected hormones, steroids and antibiotics have changed. I really didnt pay much attention to what my food or drug quality was three years ago. My experience with HCG changed all of that.

After I had my third child at 37 I literally was STUCK with 25 pounds that I could NOT get rid of. Chalking my plateau up to all excuses that were all justified in MY head, I bought into the HCG story. I didnt pay any attention to ANY of the possible side effects, at all. I mean, it came from a DOCTORS office, right?! I put my faith in the medical staff (that make a HEFTY PROFIT selling this, btw!) that it was safe, that it was something my body made already during pregnancy, that it was "all natural", etc. . I did the 800 calorie version (geez to think some people do the 500!!). To be honest- it wasnt the food prep and and drastic lack of calories that was hard for me. What was hard was the effects these hormone injections did to my BODY and PERSONALITY. Holy crap to say that I was a RAGING IRRATIONAL LUNATIC would be a nice way to put it, truly. Anyone that knows my husband, Neil, knows he is SOOOO easy going and nothing winds him up. It got so bad by day twelve that he gave me an ultimatum, stop the shots and this crazy diet or he was leaving me. I actually thought he was kidding at first. He wasn't. I was in denial about how much rage I was releasing onto others because I was so happy that I was finally losing weight. Out of respect and love for him, I begrudgingly stopped.

Within two weeks I gained all 10 pounds, BACK and then some extra. Even with eating 1200 calories a day, I had totally screwed up my metabolism and I was gaining weight. It took MONTHS of work getting my metabolism normalized again. As you know now, I finally lost all the weight (the old fashioned way) with Beachbody. I thought the entire little HCG experience was long behind me.

Then, six months later, I had my annual mammogram. It came back abnormal. What?! It was TOTALLY clear the year before. I'm 38, and breast cancer doesnt run in my family. This couldn't be. I had to go back for a second and it was confirmed that I had an unusual growth so deep into my breast tissue that had to be surgically removed. After surgery they informed me it was the size of a QUARTER! Can you imagine how LONG those TWO weeks were before I had the surgery then the additional week waiting to hear from the lab to know if it was positive for breast cancer. I've never in my life felt so helpless. I can't deal with THIS...I had three small children to raise.

The waiting drove me to finally do my diligence and dig deep looking for causes. Plus, it was the only thing I could do with my time to take "control" and stay "busy". I did diligence that I WISH I had done before sticking those HCG shots in my body. Its proven that HCG shots in lab monkeys increases estrogen and progesterone to abnormally high levels. Too much of either of these hormones in humans cause rapid cell growth, early puberty and breast changes (among many other things). HCG used in the weight loss shots is often extracted from large animals, NOT humans. So here I was learning that I was ignorantly injecting an animal hormone in my body while living on 800 calories a day and now I may have contributed to my OWN breast cancer. All to be THIN. I was pretty ashamed of myself.

In the end, the tumor, unusual in shape, was benign. I still go back every six months for a follow up to make sure there is no new growth. When I questioned the staff about my tumor I was assured "Oh no- its TOTALLY unrelated to the HCG" yet, my mammogram six months PRIOR to the HCG was totally normal and clear.

Now, can I say today that is was in FACT the HCG that caused my tumor, no. I will never know for sure. But what I learned in those very dark weeks (and ever since) was the direct effects chemicals make in our body and cells. We wonder why cancer is on the rise yet there are over 3,000 chemicals used in our US Food Supply and approximately 1,000 NEW chemicals are put into commercial usage each year. Many of these we simply can't avoid. But, the one's we choose to put on our family dinner table, ingest with promises of rapid weight loss and to give us "energy", we can.

To say I am THANKFUL that I am healthy and didnt have to fight that cancer battle is an understatement. Im thankful to be here, alive and healthy. Im thankful I only did 12 days of the shots. Im thankful my husband made me get off of it. The effects of the HCG negatively affected my metabolism, my marriage, my personality, my children and nearly my own life.

The POSITIVE take-away experience for me was that it drove me to learn the importance of simple clean eating and to minimize toxin and chemical exposure. Especially the ones I put in my own (and children's) body. When it comes to cutting corners with food quality or with weight loss, there is no "quick fix". Long before joining the Beachbody team as an health advocate, I lost all my weight (eventually) naturally following P90X and drinking Shakeology. And you can bet your butt I did my diligence on Shakeology before buying it. I dont promote this "thing" because it seems cool. I CHOOSE to stand behind these products because I truly BELIEVE in them and want them for others.

I would suggest to ANYONE considering any type of weight loss to do their diligence. Dont take the word of the people making the profit off selling it to you. Including food and drug companies. Dig deeper and learn what it will do to your body both short and long term. Is minimizing chemicals a guarantee you will be cancer free and not get sick. No. But I personally will do everything within my own power, to avoid it.

I am reminded daily when I look in the mirror of my choice three years ago to be desperate and ignorant. I don't want anyone to go through that. So when I post about nutrition, Shakeology, or anything else wellness related, from deep in the fibers of my soul my intentions are to inform, educate, motivate and inspire you. I'll forever continue to pay it forward...Godspeed. ♥ -Seay Stanford