"You owe it to yourself to start training yourself to be a better business person. This includes training yourself to put positivity and conviction out into the world, to build your vision for yourself, your family, and your team, and above all else, developing the interpersonal, relationship, and sales skills to truly be successful."


What line hits home for YOU?

Success and Money I LOOVVVVE this article. Not just for the percentages (which many I can improve on) but for what Dave Ramsey adds at the end regarding the criticism to people that earn money. I’d love to hear your thoughts and perspectives!

Employee vs. Leader Mindset

Eric Worre: Success Concepts...60 min

This recording is one that COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE... I actually BELIEVE that I would not be where I am today in this business WITHOUT having listened to it 2 weeks into becoming a coach...because after I did...I realized...I HAD THE DNA that Craig talked about...and I HAD to DO something ABOUT IT!!! PLEASE take the 25 minutes to listen to this WILL be WORTH IT!

Believing in yourself when no one else does. And the Importance of reaching Diamond rank...45 min

Motivation, Time Management and Why: Video Role of a Coach 50 min

Negativity: Got any “Negative Nellies” in your life? I know how one comment can really bring you down. But don’t let anyone take away your dreams because they don’t know YOU! Go ahead and DREAM BIG! We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders—no “Negative Nellies” in this group! VIDEO ONE: VIDEO TWO:

Sacrifice: What is your Future Freedom Worth?

LESSONS in LEADERSHIP by Seay Stanford 60 min