Why Maltodextrin and Xanthan Gum are in Shakeology

In a perfect world, we would expect that all of the natural, whole-food ingredients in Shakeology would magically stay fresh, blended together and perfectly pristine, tucked away safely in their bag or single serving packets, simply waiting for our consumption. And, it does happen that way, except that there are a few additives required to make it the convenient superfood shake it is.

As many people embark upon new fitness journeys, they become very suspicious of any food ingredient they don't recognize or can't immediately define. Some rhetoric even suggests that if you can't pronounce an ingredient, it must be inherently bad. That is soooo not the case!

I've been asked questions about the maltodextrin and xanthan gum contained in Shakeology recently. People are wondering if these additives are safe? And, do they create an artificial presence in their whole-food efforts?

Rest assured, these two ingredients are not going to diminish the benefits you receive from drinking Shakeology.

Xanthan Gum Shakeology
Xanthan Gum Shakeology

In doing some research on the topic, I've realized that during the production process for Shakeology, a  binding agent is necessary in order for the super foods to stay blended and the natural sugars to avoid crystallization. I feel that if a non-GMO maltrodextrin and xanthan gum (which is available in MANY health food stores) can prevent my Shakeology from separating or salvage its purity while it sits waiting in its bag for me, it's totally worth it. It's actually a moot point, considering all of the benefits provided by the shake.

But, I thought maybe I wasn't seeing the whole picture, so I contacted Darin Olien, the creator of Shakeology, to get his opinion and explanation about why these two additives were put in his superfood creation.

"Sometimes, with a fruit that has natural sugars, in order to keep the crystals from hitting their glass transition at room temperature, you need a binder," explained Darin. "This is NOT a filler. If something like a non-GMO maltodextrin can keep the crystal sugars from becoming liquid/sticky (during their transition), it's a requirement. We have a few that require that or you would not be able to have that fruit in a dry formula."

So, in other words, greenberry and strawberry Shakeology would not be possible AT ALL without these two ingredients!

These processing aids traditionally make up less than 0.5 percent of foods they are in, as they achieve their desired results. The creators of Shakeology have fine-tuned their processing methods to produce the healthiest shake possible, using whole foods. The protocol for growing, harvesting and manufacturing Shakeology meets stringent guidelines influenced by quality controls to ensure you receive the best product on the market.

I feel if someone is so orthroexic they can't see that Shakeology's ingredients are the finest available, including  these two additives, it's much like throwing the baby out with the bath water. The benefits of Shakeology and the results thousands of users across the world have seen for themselves far outweigh any perceived disadvantage of the inclusion of these two ingredients.