Making New Friends Daily: Expanding Your Market YOU GUYS!!!!  There are SO many people in this world!!  And, we are in a business where we can reach out and make genuine connections with so many new people all over social media!  Some of these people have joined my team and have become some of my BEST friends!  What other business requires you to make new friends daily? :)

You will eventually run out of your warm market {friends, family, and aquaintances}, and you will need to figure out how to reach out and make new friends daily.  You should be adding 5-10 new friends to your network daily.

If you’re BRAND NEW…let’s start off slowly…

1- Use the Memory Jogger in your online office.  It will help you remember SO many people that you know from the past, and you can search for them on Facebook and send them a friend request.

2- Look through your “Suggested Friends” that FB suggests for you based off of your mutual friends.

3- Go to some of your good friend’s FB pages (who are NOT coaches), and look through their friends list.  There’s a tab that says, “More” and then a tab that says, “People you May Know”.  I usually friend request any aquaintances we have in common OR anyone that seems like we may have common interests.

If you friend request someone you don’t know, just shoot them a quick message like, “Hey!  I see you’re also friends with so-and-so.  I love connecting with other moms…you and I seem like we have common interests.  I hope you don’t mind the friend request!”.

Honestly…half of the time I don’t even message them.  Instead, I keep my FB wall inspiring, and I share a lot of ME, my life, my interests, and I add value.  I also happen to share Beachbody, health, fitness, and coaching AS it fits into my life.  When you friend request, they are going to check out your last 3-5 posts…so make sure you are being the awesome version of you who you would like to attract.

Once you get the simple things down pat…start dabbling into other avenues:

1- Write down your hobbies, interests….anything you love!  Chances are…there’s a FB group for it!  FB groups are a great place to meet new friends who have common interests.  There are groups for:  Dog lovers (even specific breeds), organization, mom’s groups, cloth diapering, fashion, etc).  Join groups, add value within them, interact and connect with people.  Friend request those you connect with.  Whatever you do…don’t SPAM the group—they don’t like that! :)

2- Start thinking ahead to another social media outlet.  You do NOT have to do all of them.  It’s actually better to master 1-2 social media outlets rather than try to conquer all of them!  Choose an outlet that interests you most that you feel you can be consistent with:  Blog, Instagram, FB Like Page, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  There are YouTube trainings to learn more about each!  You may also find some helpful resources on Google.

3- Run FREE 5 Day Groups once per month (any topic you think would help people--find ideas on pinterest!).  Ask that anyone who wants to join add TWO or more friends. In order to add them into your group, you must have them as a FB friend.  This will help you build your network monthly!

If you’re ready to really take things to the next level:

**Optional but extremely beneficial:

Invest in marketing training.  Chalene Johson has a great Impact Academy and Dani Johnson also has great trainings!  Investing in learning how to market efficiently can grow your network leaps and bounds and is worth every penny you decide to invest!  Remember, this is a REAL business.  Real businesses invest in marketing strategies.  This may not be the right time for you right now, and that is totally ok!  Just know that it is an option down the road as you grow your business.  I’ve personally grown my business to 15 Star Diamond (22 diamonds total) without investing in marketing. ASSIGNMENT:

Friend request 5 new people today, join 1 FB group, and let us know which social media outlet you are going to start learning about!