Leadership and Celebrating Originality For better or worse- I am totally original. Actually, I've never been very "good" at conforming to anyone. I totally

Leadership and Celebrating Originality
Leadership and Celebrating Originality

dance my own dance, even if it's not popular. And, it's not always been popular.

Being in a leadership role for the majority of my life, through sports, careers and projects, I can say that I have a gift by seeing your unique potential, even if you don't. If your my friend, coach or child, I'm not going to encourage you to conform, either. I WANT to see embrace your unique thoughts and intellect. I want to see you fail forward and grow into your own leader. I want to hear what you have to say, I'm not interested in hearing a revision of someone elses thoughts or you speaking to what you THINK I want to hear. When you do, it's going to diminish your originality and true talents. It stops you from SOARING. I want you to become a more REFINED version of yourself.

I live and lead by seeing strengths in you and encouraging you to develop and embrace your own unique thoughts. Have your own team, choose friends that fuel your soul, regardless of rank, profession, looks, popularity or financial worth. Know that- if someone wants you to be like them and have you do things their way, IT WILL HOLD YOU BACK.

People give themselves little credit the value they can add, when they believe in and TRUST their own thoughts. There is little else that gives me greater reward than seeing you embrace your unique God-given strengths and applying them to achieve your OWN sustainable greatness.

Leadership isn't about doing it my way, its about helping you discover YOURS.   Like finding that perfect fitting shoe that you can comfortably go the distance in and break away from the pack.