Top Beachbody Coach
Top Beachbody Coach

Jobs with RECOGNITION and REWARD Those are two things that I RARELY received even as a top performer in my previous corporate career. Even though I felt a personal sense of achievement for my "job well done", my lifestyle and company recognition wasnt a reflection of all my great efforts.

I longed to go on free trips and GET AWAY from it all the way I saw others doing. But here was the problem, in general Ive either have TIME...or MONEY, but rarely BOTH. I may have earned great money but I had little days off to actually enjoy the fruits of my labor. OR...I've have all the time but no money to go anywhere. Sound Familiar?

Since I decided to stop that vicious "either or" cycle at age 39 and design my life DIFFERENTLY, I finally now have.... BOTH. I work from home, taking days off and stopping and starting my day at ANY point. I can attend all of my three children's ongoing events and activities. I can EARN even when Im not actively working. I have FREEDOM to live on my own terms. But whats even more awesome, is that I get MORE REWARD and RECOGNITION along the way than I EVER had in my corporate life. Since starting my Beachbody business 2 1/2 years ago, I have earned THREE FREE VACATIONS as a THANK YOU for my efforts. PLUS- this year I have TEN of my own team of coaches joining me as their REWARD for their job well done. It's not a lifestyle for the "special privileged people". YOU can also design this life too by joining my awesome team of coaches and earning your way towards our REWARD trip in 2015 to the MOON PALACE RESORT in Mexico. Honestly, as cool as these trips are, the fact that you are building a solid business foundation to create your own FREEDOM is the REAL REWARD.

I truly know that this business is a GIFT. Its a Gift of HEALTH. A Gift of FREEDOM. A Gift of FINANCIAL security. A Gift of TIME. A GIFT of REWARD. How could I NOT share such a gift with YOU and your family? Does it take sacrifice, consistency, time and effort before you can retire your day job? YES. But what will your life LOOK LIKE a year from now ANYWAY? Will it look the exact SAME as it does NOW or will it be REMARKABLY BETTER? Will you be in better health, will you have more friends, more income and will you be packing your bags to leave for for MEXICO along with me and my team?

If you dont ASK, you will never KNOW. My coach training gives you all the tools, support and recognition to lead you towards success faster! Trust me, my ONLY regret was that I didnt design this life for my family SOONER....and I want to help YOU design it too

So- who will be JOINING ME for a REWARD TRIP TO MEXICO???