Is Shakeology a Whole Food? Even though the bag ingredients label indicates that Shakeology really does consist of whole food products, it's hard to understand why that should matter or what it really means. My opinion is that you shouldn't be putting anything into your body in the name of health and wellness that isn't derived from nature. (Of course, medications veer from this theory, which is a different topic, altogether.)

But, because Shakeology is a powder, it's difficult to know that it's really something that is derived from nature. First of all, an experiment I did recently should give some credit to the claim that Shakeology is a whole food product. When mixed up with water and left sitting for a few days, it molded and got disgusting! Whole foods rot over time. Processed ones stay good forever, because of all of the chemicals and synthetic ingredients that they are jam packed full with. (Cue the McDonald's experiment where the cheeseburger lasted for something like two years out in the elements. Gross!)

My experiment delivered the results I expected: that when left out to decompose, it did. To me, this indicates that Shakeology genuinely is a real food. So, when you are replacing your breakfast (or another meal) with it, you can rest assured that you're not just drinking some artificially processed gunk. You are actually consuming REAL food, just in a condensed form.

However, I realize that others may need more convincing. So, let's first look at what the standard definition for "raw food" is. It's generally defined as uncooked plant foods. This description fits Shakeology.

The creators of Shakeology trekked across the globe to find the superfoods they needed to make it a nutrient-rich product for customers. The superfoods are brought back using no chemicals, pesticides or other impure methods. All ingredients are handled with the utmost care to guarantee they are untainted.

The Hunt for the Best Quality Whole Foods in the World

Once the superfoods arrive, great effort is taken to dry them so that they can be pulverized into powder form. With over 70 ingredients, it was impossible to utilize only a single drying method, so several are used. Some are dried naturally in the sun, while others are air-dried at temperatures less than 115 degrees F. Some are freeze-dried. Beachbody does NOT use drum or spray drying procedures over 115 degrees F or ultra-high temperature pasteurization like many companies. And, the ingredients are NOT irradiated. (In the nutrition world, it is believed that exposing whole foods to temperatures over 115 degrees F affects how well they are digested and absorbed into the body. The makers of Shakeology are well aware of this and have followed these guidelines in their efforts.)

Is Shakeology a Whole Food?
Is Shakeology a Whole Food?

The makers of Shakeology had a goal to use the plants in their whole forms in order to preserve nature and avoid processing the ingredients as much as possible. They understand that using extracts from a food often results in missing some of the vital nutrients and vitamins that are its main benefits. With the sum of the ingredients in Shakeology, there are hundreds of phytochemicals and nutritional cofactors present that act in various roles to promote health. It would be a shame if actions were taken that would deplete the ingredients of their nutritional power, extreme measures are taken to preserve their worth.

It's important to Beachbody to get things "right!" Back when vegan strawberry was going to be introduced, production dates had to be backed up, because they were having difficulties getting the ingredients to dry appropriately. Instead of going the easy route and just increasing temperatures or using other "standard" methods, the creators persevered in their efforts and found a solution that didn't include exposing the ingredients to high temperatures.

Why this Doctor Loves that Shakeology is derived from Whole Foods

To some of you, this may sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo about production methods, drying techniques and lab quality control. But, to me, it's important information about a product I consume and give to my family. I want to make sure it's the highest quality and consists of real food, not synthetic extracts or isolates, like most nutrition shakes on the market.

If you're interested in the "healthiest meal of the day" and want to try out Shakeology on your own, let me know! It comes with my highest recommendation!

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