Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Why Shakeology May Help

Can we talk, GUT HEALTH and IBS?


If you are someone that deals with the cramps, bloating, abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea and constipation that can wreak havoc on your lifestyle due to IBS, I know it can feel immobilizing.


But it doesn't have to STAY immobilizing. Typically your physician will advise you to alter your diet and take medications to manage the symptoms.



But, like most prescribed medications, pharmaceutical options, although they give great symptom relief, will not fix the problem. They target symptom relief, while the underlying problem still exists.


The state of your gut health typically contribute to the degree of IBS you suffer from. Years of ingesting pesticides, antibiotics both in foods and in medications, as well as the chemicals in artificial sweeteners act like an "atomic bomb" to the good flora in your gut. And when something gets wiped out, our body responds in ways of SYMPTOMS we recognize as IBS.


But it takes more than just cutting out what's harming your gut health. Like a garden that needs to be restored of nutrients to grow the next season's crop, your gut flora needs to be restored. And that can take mindful dedication, and work.....


What if I told you that you could find relief by drinking a very simple nutrient dense, probiotic-rich shake daily?


You'd think I was absurd, right? After your doctor has told you that you will have to drastically change the way you eat, de-stress your life and take daily medications, how is it possible that one daily shake might provide relief?




Yes, you've probably heard this term several times before. You may even be eating yogurt to incorporate probiotics into your diet right now. Probiotics create healthy bacteria that will aid the digestion and elimination processes.


But, the problem with the MAJORITY of commercial brand probiotics, is that they are wasted. Imagine putting a jelly bean in a bowl of water, what happens?


It dissolves, right? That is what happens to most of the probiotics you consume in food.


They are destroyed by stomach acid before they even get to your intestines, where the problems arise. They can't bypass your stomach, unless they are encapsulated, which most are not.


So yes- they are a waste when you are thinking you are doing some GOOD. Meh.


But- I did say...MOST probiotics. ;-)


There is one strain of probiotics that can do some good. Bacillus Coagulans is the only natural strain that can pass all the way through the digestive process, survive your harsh stomach acids and actually REACH YOUR SMALL INTESTINES, where they can be effective in helping restore your gut.


Why don't food companies use this particular strain of probiotic as their one of choice?


Cost. Bacillus Coagulan is one of theee most expensive probiotics. If you were a food company, why would you choose a probiotic that drives your cost up UP, when you can use a cheaper one, still get to claim on the label "Includes Probiotics!" , and truthfully most consumers don't know better and assume that a probiotic is a probiotic and must equally effective.


Back to restoring your gut health. You may be buying yogurt (or similar) with probiotics by the truckloads and wondering why you haven't had much success in restoring your gut health, much less your symptoms of IBS. That's most likely because the probiotics you are ingesting aren't making it to your small intestine :-/


Remember I said, it COULD be easy? Coincidentally, my super food shake contains Bacillus Coagulans! (Those nutritionists & researchers really knew what they were doing when they formulated this stuff!)


In addition to all of the other wonderful ingredients, this probiotic is included and may help to rectify problems associated with IBS and other digestion issues.


While none of the benefits of my super food shake are guaranteed to work on everyone, there are many users who have experienced extremely positive results by drinking a daily shake.


Lindsey, for example, says that: "I used to take Zantac 150s like they were candy! I had major issues with (shhhh!) constipation my whole life. I have been on this super food shake for a year now, and I'll NEVER stop drinking it! It's better than any supplement on the market."


Lindsay, with an "a", says that: "Since I was a child, I've had terrible issues. As a kid, I would cramp and cry, not knowing what was wrong. Now, looking back, I know it was IBS and it was not normal! After 13 months of drinking this super food shake, I've had NO ISSUES...unless I do not drink it. Like a vitamin, I drink it DAILY!"


Missy said: "Eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet helped me a lot! Adding this shake to my routine stopped all of my symptoms completely...It will clean you out at first, which can mimic some IBS symptoms, but after that you can enjoy complete relief!"


And, Dessi reports: "I have battled IBS since my late 20s. Eating 30g of fiber a day did not help; special diets did not help; eliminating dairy did not help. Taking pills did not make a difference. They were masking one symptom and causing another. Shakeology, though, did the trick. I found relief."


If you suffer from IBS, it's essential to consider how to reverse the problem, instead of just masking it. Masking it doesn't heal your gut, if anything, it puts even more stress on it.


Will my super food work for you? It's something that you won't know until you try it. It might work wonders and provide you with a symptom-free lifestyle. If it doesn't work, there is a bottom-of-the-bag guarantee that provides you with your money back, no questions asked.


Plus.....I'll add this part because you are smart...


If it doesn't help your IBS, it's good for you, regardless. It's still very nutrient dense and will help provide you with the vitamins you need daily, increase your energy and reduce your cravings for junk food (which could help your IBS symptoms, too!).


Sooooo win/ win, right? For about $4.50/ day you could possibly reduce your medications, start the process of healing your gut and have LESS of those immobilizing IBS symptoms.


PLUS, all the other benefits too. How would your day to day life feel then? Drop me a PM and we can chat more about your gut health <3

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