INVITING: Warm Market Connections Brand New Coaches AND Seasoned Coaches!  You ALL should be connecting with new people every single day!

Get out your Top 50 List of People and lets GO!

Connecting with People:

1- Shows them YOU CARE about them and their lives.  {People love people who love them}

2- Allows your posts to begin to showing up more within their newsfeeds because FB views you as better friends because they see you connecting!

3-  Allows you to build a relationship and trust with people. {People want to work with those who they TRUST and know}

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.10.05 PM
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.10.05 PM

When you Connect with People:

1- FORM them.  When they respond…care about their lives.  Ask about their family, how their kids are liking school, their jobs (occupation), what’s new in their lives (recreation)…and, when they ask you in return…share bits and pieces of your excitement for this new venture in your life and what great things you’re doing.

2- BREAD CRUMB.  Tell them a little at first.  If they ask questions…tell them a little more, and so on!  DO NOT word vomit! haha

3- INVITE if you feel the time is right.  These phrases can help you lead into an invite from a connection convo:

“Btw…I do have an accountability group starting soon…I have a few openings if you want to try it out!”

or…if they say, “That’s great!!” when you tell them what you’ve been up to…you can say...

"Yeah it IS great, I'm having a blast, Have you ever considered joining one of my groups?”

4- Remember…if they say no, that either means “not right now” or they are not interested at this time.  It’s NO reflection of YOU.  They WILL continue to watch you…so keep sharing on social media.  The average person says "No" five times before saying "Yes".

5- Ask yourself…how long did it take YOU to commit!?  You had to be READY and in that state of mind to GO FOR IT…right??

Don’t overthink this.  Always remember— DONE is better than PERFECT.


Ok….so WHO do you invite?

1-  Anyone who "likes" one of your posts: “Hey girly!!  I just wanted to thank you for showing support on my posts!!  How is everything going with you??” {Easy peezy.}

2-  Anyone whose BIRTHDAY it is! :)

3-  A-Z system

Check out this video below by a fellow Elite coach as she explains her Birthday system and her A-Z system:


Connect with 10 people TODAY.  Invite them if the time is right.  Comment in the group when you’re finished, and let me know how it went! <3