Seay Stanford
Seay Stanford


Hello and WELCOME to the 5 Day clean eating CHALLENGE!  Congratulations on taking that FIRST step to a healthier you!  Food is the number one cause of preventable disease in America.  Can you believe that?!  FOOD!  It also carries a whopping 80% of the variable when it comes to weight loss.

Lucky for YOU, you have a personal COACH that brought you right HERE and that cares about YOU enough to help you improve your food choices.

So what can you expect for these next few days?  Well, first of all we arent going to just turn you loose!  We will take a couple days ahead of time to TEACH you how to become successful.  Yes, I have had some years of nutrition training.  But my PURPOSE is to teach you and not scare you.  I want you to LEARN some fundamentals and start the process of "phasing out" certain foods.

So first, what IS clean eating?  Here is my EXPLANATION.

The MOST successful people are the ones that PLAN.  So what I suggest is DECIDE what you will be eating ahead of time.  Buy your food and prepare it before the week starts.  I like the term, "Cook once- eat 3 times".  You can make one salad in the same amount of time you can make three.  Portable tupperware is a lifesaver for the grab-and-go lifestyle.  Some foods you can even FREEZE and thaw the night before.  The point is to create your OWN fast food.  Its fast and healthy and it eliminates the "oh crap Im out and have nothing to eat".  Mini coolers are a real life saver too!

Now, I have uploaded some FILES of meal choices and recipes to choose from.  < In the FB group click on "Files" > Recipes.  But you are NOT limited to these.  You can prepare your own meal, but Id suggest running the recipe by your coach.

Here are some Clean Eating Tips to get you started!

Artificial Sweeteners

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Artificial Flavors

Artificial Colors

Here are some tips, if you buy eggs, buy cage free Omega 3 eggs.  Chickens produce what they are fed and when they are fed omega 3's they make a much healthier egg for you!

If you're going to buy your water, buy reverse osmosis, its the purest.

Try and use Himalayan Salt, instead of  iodized table salt.

Spices (especially fresh) are the secret weapon to making food taste amazing!!!

Watch your portion size and be present when you eat.  DO NOT MULTITASK.  Too often we chow down and dont even appreciate the meal we created.  This also tends to lead us to overeat.  Eat until you are no longer hungry.  Not until you are full.

Often times dehydration is mistaken as hunger so drink a glass of water before you eat.  Here are some great tips on making water have flavor! Click Here!

Again, congratulations on taking a great step to a healthier and more empowering YOU!  If you have a friend that you feel would benefit going through this challenge with you, you may absolutely invite him/ her to join you by telling your coach.  Welcome and LETS DO THIS!

1)  Hungry for Change Documentary  This Documentary will motivate and educate you on how POWERFUL your food choices can be on your health!  You can watch it FREE on NetFlix. 1 1/2 hour

Clean Eating Movie
Clean Eating Movie

2) Lastly:  Here is a website that gives a good run-down. 5 min