Introducing Cafe Latte by Shakeology ®

Beachbody launched a new Shakeology® flavor, Café Latte.  I had the chance to try it during the leadership conference last fall and it is delicious.  As with anything new, questions always arise.  I’ve gathered the best information I can find and hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

Despite being a coffee flavor, it has the same amount of caffeine found in other Shakeology flavors.  The best news is it will give you that coffee taste with 75% less caffeine.  It’s a perfect replacement for that second or third cup of coffee, because let’s face it, you gotta have one cup of joe.

Coffee itself is a healthy vice. It’s low calorie and may help guard against Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s, and liver disease. On the other hand, coffee shop drinks are loaded with sugar, fats and caffeine.  They do taste great and are ok in moderation.  For those of you that crave the rich robust creamy mouth feel of a Frappuccino, this new flavor made up with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a touch of honey and a scoop of ice will give you that same feel.  It’s like a rich creamy coffee shake with a serving of dense nutrition loaded with super foods.

Café Latte incorporates the newest superfood, the Coffee Fruit. The fleshy red cherry surrounds the coffee bean and is loaded with antioxidants that boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and protects against free radicals. Studies show the Coffee Fruit has more antioxidants than strawberries, raspberries, and vitamins C & E.  A component of the fruit also helps stimulate the production of a key protein that maintains cognition and other brain functions such as sleep and mood.

As a bonus, Shakeology ® is able to reduce the carbon footprint by using the whole fruit.

Café Latte comes in a Barista Triple Combo pack with chocolate and vanilla. There are 8 packs of each flavor in the 24 pack box.  This helps you enjoy the ever-popular chocolate and vanilla without committing to just one flavor.

Cafe latte Barista Pack Beachbody
Cafe latte Barista Pack Beachbody

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Here are some delicious recipes to try!

Cafe Latte recipes Shakeology
Cafe Latte recipes Shakeology