10 Reasons to buy INSANITY MAX: 30 by Shaun T

You've probably heard of the Insanity MAX:30 fitness program from Beachbody, featuring mega-trainer Shaun T. But, with all of the other programs out there, you may be wondering why it's the workout for YOU. I did, too. And, as I sat down and wrote out a pros and cons list about the program, comparing it to others and questioning its benefits, I concluded that there are 10 top reasons you should snatch it up today and hit play ASAP! Here are my top 10 reasons you should buy Insanity MAX:30:

1. Insanity MAX:30 delivers a year's worth of results in just 60 days with 30-minute workouts designed to push you to and beyond your limits. Shaun T developed over 150 new cardio and strength moves to incorporate into the program that will help you burn maximum calories and fat as you build muscle and slim down.

Insanity Max 30 Before and After
Insanity Max 30 Before and After

2. The workouts are 30 minutes long!!! Did you catch that? ONLY 30 minutes per day to get results that might take a year to achieve otherwise!

3. It gets unbelievable results through utilizing high-intensity training (HIIT). Using several rounds of three strength or cardio moves, you will be pushed to do as many as you can until you just can't go anymore. You'll get a short break, and then you're back to it. Unlike other programs that encourage you to pace yourself so that you can endure the entire workout, Insanity MAX:30 pushes you to go as hard as you can, as long as you can. After a brief recovery, Shaun T encourages you to do it, again....and, again....and, again.

4. Anyone can do this workout! Nobody should worry about whether they have to meet any level of fitness prior to starting the program, because modifications are provided for all moves. The videos even give you an opportunity to watch the modified moves all of the time, which can be very helpful to beginners or others who need a low impact alternative. This workout really is for everyone, even those with joint problems.

5. Insanity MAX:30 doesn't require any additional equipment like some programs. The workouts rely on your own body weight to provide adequate resistance to build muscle and rev your metabolism. All you need is a DVD player (which most laptops have these days) and space to work out. Hit play, move that coffee table out of the way and get to work!

6. The program doesn't get boring. Boredom is never an issue with this new workout, as Shaun T. has provided several ways to change things up each day. Options on the 10-DVD program include: Cardio Challenge, Sweat Intervals, Tabata Strength Intervals, Tabata Power Routines and Friday Fight (a martial-arts inspired workout).

7. You will get even better results with the included nutrition guide and meal plan. They are designed with convenience and flexibility, in mind, so that you can incorporate them easily into your daily life. Additionally, if you're a follower of the 21-Day Fix, you can use your containers with this meal plan to achieve awesome results.

8. You WILL get results. test participants report losing between 10 and 30 pounds with Insanity MAX:30! In just 30 minutes per day, you can potentially lose 30 pounds of fat and build lean muscle, especially if you follow the nutrition guide and stick to the plan.

9. Shaun T. has a proven reputation. There is no doubt that Shaun T. knows what he's doing when he puts together a fitness program. With successful programs such as Insanity, Asylum, Hip Hop Abs and T25 to his credit, you know that this new program will deliver on its promises. Plus, he's pretty nice to look at!

10. It beats a gym membership -- hands down! At the basic cost of $119.95, you get 10 DVDs, nutrition guide and a schedule of workouts that will ensure your success. More than that, you can work out anytime of the day or night for your own convenience. You don't have to go out in the cold or coordinate childcare for your kids so that you can get to the gym. And, the cost is much less than a year's membership to many athletic clubs. It's a HUGE bargain and convenience. Besides, your health is worth it!