How to Improve Your Quality of Life: Seay Stanford This is my FIFTH Easter not having to get up and go to a JOB after a Sunday holiday.

Seay Stanford Inspirational Quotes
Seay Stanford Inspirational Quotes

This month, five years ago I had HAD IT with being handcuffed to the corporate paychecks and vulnerable micromanaged life. No matter how hard I worked or how much I produced, I couldn't take feeling like I was an unappreciated number in a company data base any longer. At any given moment or corporate buy out, my number could be up-and me out of a job. And, they held my big fat paying job over my head every day. Yeah- you could say my company had me by the proverbial "balls" and let me know it. Call me crazy, but I knew in my gut I couldn't stand another freaking day under their dictatorship thumb. In April 2009, I walked away in the top 2% ranking of my pharmaceutical company and from my six figure a year income with no back up plan.


Because you can't put a price on QUALITY of LIFE...period.

I foolishly rose and spent to the income I earned, so I was even more financially trapped in making this decision. But I knew TWO things. 1) I was a bird NOT meant to be caged. 2) I'd FIND a way to face my jobless fear, believe in my vision and claw my way back up-on my OWN terms...if I HAD to. So I made it that I HAD to.

I gave 15 long years of my life building someone else's business. I had no idea how Id find and create a life on my own terms. None. In fact, it actually took me over TWO YEARS...

You CAN design a life that has the freedom and integrity to fit your needs. You just have to believe it, find it, and work your ass off for it.

Tomorrow I will sleep in until I'm ready to wake up and get to work (from my home office). It's not been easy- but the freedom has been so damn WORTH IT!!!

**No FEAR is worth giving your power away to the FREEDOM you could have if you actually faced it....**