"I'm a Shakeology Kid!" : Can my Child Drink Shakeology? "We are Flintstones Kids, Ten million strong and growing." These have been the lyrics heard in the commercials for Flintstones children's vitamins since I was a little girl. But, is being a Flintstones kid really so good?

Every morning, millions of parents in the U.S. offer a multi-vitamin to their children as they're off on their way to school, thinking that they are doing something good for their health. In reality, most children really don't NEED a multi-vitamin, unless they have a physical condition that puts them at risk of a poorly functioning immune system or have food allergies that severely restricts their diets. But, if you feel like your child benefits from the extra nutrients and vitamins, by all means, you should give them the extra supplement.

But -- you should be aware of the other things you are giving to your child by providing a synthetic vitamin, such as most of the leading brands. The majority of them contain several ingredients that I'm not pumped about giving to MY children. They include:

  • Sorbitol -- Often used medicinally as a laxative, it has been linked to irritable syndrome when used in food products.
  • Aspartame -- Aspartame as been linked to several diseases, including cancer, and increasing the sugar addiction that contributes to the obesity epidemic in America.
  • Artificial colors -- FD&C Red #40, Yellow #6 and Blue #2 are included in most synthetic children's vitamins. They have been found to increase the chances of hyperactivity in children.
  • Hydrogenated soybean oil -- These synthetic fatty acids are linked to dozens of adverse health effects, from coronary artery disease to cancer. Certainly not something you want to see in a product you think is healthy for your child.
  • Gluten -- Even though most companies say they do not ADD gluten to their vitamins, they also use a disclaimer that the product may contain gluten as a result of other practices used in deriving many ingredients. Not a risk I'd be willing to take if my child was gluten-intolerant or allergic.
  • GMO corn starch -- Enough said.

If this isn't enough to concern you, consider this: the vitamin you are giving to your child was formulated in a laboratory. It's not natural. It's a proven fact that our bodies absorb vitamins and minerals best when they are derived from whole-food based sources. Your child may be taking a daily vitamin, but how much of the "good stuff" in it is he actually getting into his system?

So, now what do you do? Have you considered giving your child Shakeology? I do daily with my children.

Kids can benefit from all of the advantages that Shakeology has to offer, too. Digestion, focus, energy, strength, etc! This is all good for children!

Shakeology junk food
Shakeology junk food

Also -- think about your child's diet. Even though you may push healthy lean meats and lots of fruits and veggies, they also get by with pizza, chicken nuggets, ice cream, candy and French fries, don't they? Of course! They are kids!

Shakeology can help them digest all of that junk that seems to naturally find its way into their diets. It helps with digestion, reduces bloat and helps them get reduce their cravings for more junk. It contains easy-to-absorb vitamins and nutrients. And, you don't have to worry about all of those artificial colors and sweeteners (which is a HUGE bonus, especially if your child shows tendencies to have ADHD).

Will your kids like Shakeology? If you just shake it up with water, probably not. But, if you make it like an event to concoct a treat every time, they will ask for it. Create fun around making it as a delicious milkshake, with fruit or other fun flavors. And, for many parents, it's a quick version of breakfast that can be taken on the go, for those mornings that just don't leave you enough time to get everything done. Whether for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack, it's much healthier than a honey bun, toaster pastry or sugared-up cereals.

* For smaller children they only need 1/3 to a half scoop of Shakeology

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Shakeology kids
Shakeology kids