I'm a Beachbody Coach Summit Speaker! So here is my BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!! But first, let's DIGRESS....

Three years ago, I attended my very first Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas. Neil Stanford and I COULD NOT AFFORD to go, but we put the entire event on our credit card anyway. I believed DEEP DOWN that this was an investment into my business. I knew that surrounding myself with other up and coming coaches, that by attending trainings by some of the TOP COACHES, and surrounding myself with as much success as possible, was creating the BEST ENVIRONMENT for me to succeed.

Where most coaches couldn't wait to meet P90x Creators and INSANITY creators, Tony Horton and Shaun T, my biggest DREAM that year was to meet the creator of Shakeology, Darin Olien. Which you can see, came to fruition. It's still one of my FAVORITE moments of summit, ever....

That year there were 8,000 coaches at the ENTIRE event, which was MASSIVE, for then. My friends and family wondered then, if I was in a tapped-out market in a company that was at it's peak......

Now, for my BIG NEWS-----> This year I have been asked to be a SPEAKER at SUMMIT! And what's different, now, than three years ago?

- I will be speaking on STAGE speaking WITH Mr. Darin Olien, creator of Shakeology and author of the book, SuperLife.

- This will be not my first, but SECOND year Beachbody has asked me to speak at their most prestigious event of the year.

- Instead of 8,000 coaches, there will be over 26,000 in attendance! So much for that "tapped out" market three years ago, huh? We've nearly tripled in size! I will be speaking to the same amount of people in just ONE ROOM, that attended the entire summit, three years ago!

- Many of my very best friends, that I met for the first time ever, three years ago, are also going to be speakers this year, as well. You ARE INFLUENCED by the people you most surround yourself with.

- Summit three years ago, I was a Diamond coach, and put the trip on my credit card. Three years later I will walk across stage to be recognized as ONE of less than 30 coaches in a network of 300,000 coaches, that has achieved 15 STAR DIAMOND RANK, the highest rank in the company. And instead of needing a credit card for the trip, my husband and I are on the brink of our next big Beachbody milestone, The Millionaires Club.

JUST THREE YEARS... -To think about how my family's life has changed DRAMATICALLY because we stuck to our VISION. -To see the size of my own team grow into the THOUSANDS. -To know how many others lives have been positively affected by our products and business model. -To have the FREEDOM to live in England for three months, BECAUSE WE COULD. -To hand over my husbands car lot to a friend. -To have the TIME to volunteer to the homeless. -To not have to say NO, to our children to attend exclusive camps and schools.

You bet your ass some people quit when faced with disappointment or the challenges in this business. Success isn't always easy. The rest of us have preserved adversity and it has BEEN 100% WORTH IT. I say pick your HARD. Hard is never living the life and vision you have always wanted and never feeling like you MADE A DIFFERENCE to others. HARD is living with regrets. Helping and motivating others to live healthy is NOT HARD.

Thank you to my family, my team, my friends and even my nay-sayers for pushing me that much more. This FREIGHT TRAIN IS MOVING and I AM EXCITED for the NEXT THREE YEARS!!

See everyone at SUMMIT in Nashville this July!! And if you haven't joined my team yet....or know someone that this opportunity would help, let's chat!