IGNITE: Personal Development, Best Strategies for Success

Here are the actions steps I referred to in my IGNITE presentation during Beachbody Summit 2016. I hope these will be helpful to you. Thank you!

CONFIDENCE Action Steps:

  • Knowing versus Feeling
    • Make a list of what you KNOW and what you FEEL.
    • Let’s list your shoulds: Make a list of everything you think you should be. Happier? More fit? Cleaner? More successful (make sure it’s defined)? Wealthier? Where did these shoulds come from? WHO do they please? “Should” they even be there to torment you? If no, then kill them. If yes, WHY? then make a commitment to them – ACT ON THEM.
  • Competence gives you Confidence
    • List the terrible or negative things that have happened to you. Then for each write good things that came out of that experience. You are competent in these things.
  • Act as If
    • What are the things that scare you most? Being broke? Unemployed? Made fun of? Friendless? Write each one of them and then write ideas to achieve their opposites. If you’re scared of being broke then list ways you can make money on the side. If you’re afraid of being alone then list ways you can spend time with others. If you want to peel back even more layers, what is the bigger fear you have if you are broke, unemployed, made fun of or friendless?
  • Own what you are GOOD at
    • Make your I’m a BAD ASS at this list. I UNAPOLOGETICALLY LOVE that list. What are you GOOD at? What do others SAY you are good at?


  • Habits
    • What do you think your 40% habits are? What is what you consciously choose. What do you avoid? (Eat that frog)
    • Every day be mindful of the things you did. Begin to notice the patterns. Where your time is going online. Be honest about how you’re spending your life.
  • Which way are you MOST pulled?
    • Look at your dream. Do you think you can get it? Why or why not? Are you taking action toward it every day? If not, what’s the roadblock you are allowing?
  • Are you an OPENER or a FINISHER?
    • List your goals. For each one UNAPOLOGETICALLY answer these questions: Why do I want this? Is this making more happy? What feels happy? How do I know if I’m progress towards it? This is your TRUTH not your SHOULDS. You're not in a pageant.

PATIENCE Action Steps:

  • Patience is a learned and a cognitive CHOICE.
  • Express and Feel Gratitude.
  • Relinquish Entitlement while Embracing Intellectual Maturity.
  • Connect with humanity and suffering by reading or watching an old philosophy or biography.
    • Anne Franke. “The Diary of Anne Franke”
    • Victor Frankle. “Mans Search for Meaning”
    • The Railway Man
    • Martin Luther King Jr.
    • Joy
    • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Stop asking yourself if you’re successful and focus on doing good work, eating healthy, and surrounding yourself with good people. Success is the simplest thing in the world if you trust yourself.
    • Don Miguel Ruiz, “The Four Agreemenrs” “Always Do Your Best”
  • Start a daily journal of what you are grateful for in that moment and say thank you to the point where you lose count.