When you head to the gym, do you only focus on cardio? Are you thinking weight training is too hard, it’s too risky and you’ll only injure yourself?  You are not alone.  Most women shy away from the idea of lifting weights for those same reasons. They have heard weight lifting makes you bulky, it is risky, and could cause injury to your joints. Honestly, that is a bunch of crazy talk. Weight lifting or any kind of strength training is good for you for a whole host of great reasons.

  • Strength training compared apple to apples to cardio burns more calories during and after a workout. Sure, you can spend 30 minutes on the treadmill and burn 250 calories. It seems like more of benefit compared to 30 minutes of strength training where you burn 60 calories.  The reality is you only burn 250 calories with cardio. You continue to burn calories for hours after a weight training session courtesy of the after burn effect.
  • Building muscle gives you sexy curves. Cardio will help you lose weight, but you’ll lose both fat and muscle.  Strength training breaks down your muscles and as they repair, your body continues to burn fat while sculpting your muscles.
  • Strength training also aids in a better night’s sleep. You are asleep faster, sleep through the night, and it’s a deeper sleep.
  • Strength Training increases your energy and continues to long after your workout. Even a quick sesh will boost your energy level.  Instead of grabbing that cup of coffee for a midafternoon pick me up, grab a dumb bell instead.
  • It improves your heart health and reduces your risk of heart disease. A study in Journal of Strength and Conditioning revealed that those who lift weights have fewer risk factors for heart disease.  Other studies have shown that weight lifting lowers your blood pressure and resting heart rate the next day.
  • As women age they lose bone and muscle mass when their bodies stop producing estrogen, putting them at greater risk of osteoporosis. Lifting weights will help combat the loss of bone mass.
  • Strength training is a great stress reliever too. Those that include weight training in their workout regimes are more likely to handle stressful situations better and have fewer negative reactions to stress.  For older adults, weight training helps with cognition, and memory.  All bonuses as we age.

If weight lifting is not part of your routine right now, I urge you to add it to your workout.  The Beachbody Workout and our newest program Hammer & Chisel, coming out in December 2015, are perfect for adding weight training to your fitness program.  Both take the guesswork out of weight training with their scientifically proven workouts.  Each one offers a schedule of workouts designed to work the right muscles in the right order to avoid injury and maximize the after burn effect.  We couldn’t make it any easier to add strength training to your fitness regime.

Want to learn more about what program may be best for you?  Email me at: seay.stanford@gmail.com

Seay Stanford best weight program
Seay Stanford best weight program