Hypothyroidism: A Nutritional Approach

Fatigue, unexplained weight gain and thinning hair aren't just signs of getting a little older -- they can be serious symptoms of a medical condition called hypothyroidism. Women, who are 10 times more likely to develop the condition than men (according to the University of Maryland Medical Center), have many symptoms, which are results of an underactive thyroid that doesn't produce enough hormones.

That little butterfly-shaped gland in your neck can cause immeasurable problems when it doesn't function properly. The thyroid's duty is to send its hormones to every tissue of the body and help use energy, stay warm and keep the brain, heart muscles and other organs working properly. Several things (including high levels of stress) can factor into the development and worsening of hypothyroidism, but once you've got it, it's difficult to get under control.

There is no level of exercise and activity that will outrun hypothyroidism alone. I don't care how many rounds of Insanity you do, an improperly functioning thyroid will diminish the effects of your efforts, making it seem like a losing battle to even try.

Doctors order extensive testing and prescribe medications that they tell you will be necessary for you to take the rest of your life. These medications create side effects, which may require you to take other medications. Various levels in your body will require regular testing, to ensure that your medication dosages are accurate. It can become complicated (and a real drag) really fast.

One of the most important things to do when you have hypothyroidism is to understand that your thyroid functions as a result of several trace minerals you get naturally through your diet. Many people who suffer from hypothyroidism also have deficiencies in iodine, iron, selenium and zinc.

Lots of Beachbody customers and coaches suffer from hypothyroidism and have found that Shakeology® helps them battle their condition, often beating it. But, why would Shakeology® help you with your condition?

The National Institutes of Health maintain that the majority of thyroid impairments are associated with co-existing deficiencies in iodine and selenium. Iodine is a major factor when it comes to thyroid function enabling the gland to produce its hormones. Selenium helps the body recycle iodine, creating a good supply for the thyroid's use. When both of these minerals are depleted, there's not enough for your body to use to function properly.

Drinking Shakeology® helps replenish your body's supply of both iodine (in the form of kelp) and selenium. Additionally, it contains zinc and iron, which the National Institutes of Health indicate help maintain proper function of your thyroid, too. Maca root, another of Shakeology's® ingredients, is also associated with improved thyroid health. When your thyroid starts working properly, again, your body starts to feel better.

Many Shakeology® users feel that drinking a daily dose of total nutrition has helped their hypothyroidism:

Beachbody Coach Monica explained: "I have been able to lose weight with Shakeology® and exercise and more importantly, I can maintain. My brain fogginess and fatigue have diminished. I have had to experiment with what time of day I take my meds and when I drink Shakeology®. I have been drinking Shakeology® consistently for over a year."

Beachbody Coach Kim says: "I know firsthand it helps!!! With metabolism, energy and overall function!!!"

Beachbody Coach Jen commented: "It pretty much gives me the energy I didn't have. I know that when I don't drink my Shakeo I feel really tired. There are times sometimes I have it twice in a day because I need that extra boost. I have lost weight through doing several programs: Insanity, Chalean Extreme and, finally, Ultimate Reset.

I used to be on 100 mcg of Levothyroxine, and then my doctor reduced it to 75 mcg. My endocrinologist told me that if I lose weight then the dosage will also be reduced. For now, I'll take my Shakeo and exercise over feeling lousy because of the disease."

Beachbody Coach Beth says, "I started drinking Shakeology® in September 2009 after hearing about the good results it had for other people... After trying out a few different recipes for the chocolate flavor, I found a few I liked and began making a shake every morning as my breakfast. A week or two went by and I began to notice that my energy level would pick up within the first 10-15 minutes of drinking it. I didn’t feel jittery like I did when I drink coffee, but I felt energetic, more awake. Funny thing was, I didn’t attribute that to the Shakeology® at first because it had become such a part of my routine and my concoctions I made with it tasted so good I had forgotten how good it was for me. A month goes by and I notice my digestive tract is more regular than usual (which hadn’t been the case for awhile due to the side effects of varying thyroid levels) and my energy level continued to stay up for a longer period of time without that big crash you can get from drinking coffee or caffeinated soft drinks. For me, that was reason enough to keep drinking it. Before I would have days that I could barely keep my eyes open while driving into work and/or driving home from work. I have those days less and less often now.

Being hypothyroid, I really didn’t think this drink would help me lose weight, which has been another positive for others that drink it. At most, I have lost a pound or two while drinking Shakeology® but I have noticed that I am able to maintain my weight very easily just by drinking it daily. I noticed this after drinking it continually for about two month and, for me, that is a huge positive! I am very close to my “ideal” weight so having something to help me maintain it is very exciting to me."

Alisha commented: "As a coach and a fellow Hypothyroid patient, I recommend Shakeology® tenfold. It has restored the function of my thyroid fully. I'm not saying that it can do that for everyone, but it did for me and my numbers were really bad. I was told I'd have to take meds for the rest of my life. Shakeology® has such power-packed nutrition to support many aspects of the body."

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