How to Eat Healthy while visiting Family and Friends
How to Eat Healthy while visiting Family and Friends

How to Eat Healthy while visiting Family and Friends

Vacation should be a time to relax, bond, and enjoy your family, but at times it can certainly cause unwanted stress. Soon the family and I will be going out of town to visit some relatives. I know, I should be using this as my excuse to unwind and let loose for a week or two, but I’m freaking out! I keep thinking about healthy (if any) food options and what the children are going to eat once we arrive. Finally, I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I realized it doesn’t have to be this stressful! Here are some tips on how to truly enjoy your vacation and family without worrying about healthy food options:

Show up prepared- If your family is supportive of you it wouldn’t offend them if you brought your own food. Consider bringing your own food or shopping for fresh food once you arrive as your safety net. You also might want to let your relatives know ahead of time that you’re planning on bringing/shopping for your own food.

Make a Menu Together: If bringing your own food or going shopping for your own food isn’t an option then once you arrive sit down with your relatives and create a weekly menu together. Then, go shopping for the ingredients together. This could also be a great way to get the children’s input on meal ideas too.

Offer to help prepare meals: Offer to chop up the vegetables or fresh fruit each day/night, or prepare your own dish each night to share with everyone (potluck anyone?!). This will give you the opportunity to create a healthy option with no excuses.

Not an option to help prepare meals? Stay smart! Control your portion sizes and eat the lighter options that are offered. For instance, instead of eating a typical hamburger and bun, go for the burger (protein) and wrap it up in a piece of lettuce.

Drink A LOT of H20! Drink plenty of water!! Not only will this help keep you hydrated, but it will help curb your appetite as well by making you feel full.

Help clear the table: After each meal you experience together help clear the dishes. This will keep your hands busy and your mind off food (especially dessert).

Take a family trip to the Farmer’s Market: Just like at home, you can’t beat a fresh farmer’s market on vacation! Use your Fresh Food Finder App. and bring the entire family to explore all that the market has to offer. You never know, your healthy eating habits may even rub off on your relatives…

Stay outside as much as possible: Explore the area you’re staying in. Go for walks with the family, ride bikes, play some pick-up soccer with the kids. The point is, the busier you are, the less you’ll be thinking of food.

Pack a Picnic: While playing outside or exploring the area pack a picnic cooler full of healthy options for everyone. This can include items such as fresh fruit, vegetables, homemade granola, yogurt, water etc. This way you’ll avoid fast food temptations. There are SO many clever healthy picnic ideas on Pinterest.

Just Breathe! Remember, you’re on vacation. If you indulge and have an ice cream cone, realize it isn’t the end of the world. Get back on track the next day and just be sure to squeeze in a workout each day and eat healthy the majority of the time.