How Beachbody Retired My Husband & Gave Us Freedom!Why Would a Private Business Owner become a Full Time Beachbody Coach?

<< AHHHHH----This news is a really BIG DEAL for our FAMILY! >> Sorry this is long but the back story is so important!

FREEDOM. Those seven letters are something very few people actually feel every day, even in America. The BACK STORY on STANFORD MOTOR VEHICLES: Neil had worked for corporate car dealerships for TWENTY years. He worked weekends, he worked 9am-9pm six days a week. He got Wednesdays off only to run a bazillion errands and miss the weekend social/family life. He was always exhausted.

In June 2008 we were dating about four months and were at the point where we decided to get serious and build a future together. BUT——> as smitten as I was with Neil, I had an internal nagging issue that I knew would become long term resentment. So I poured my feelings and concerns on paper and wrote a heartfelt letter about how much I loved him, and that I loved spending time with him, but regretfully being in a relationship with a “vacant” boyfriend, and possible future spouse, was something I didn’t want to sign up for. I wanted TIME and FREEDOM spent with my future family. What did it matter if he was perfect for us, if he was rarely around to share a life WITH us? Seeing him barely one day a week because of his job was sadly, a deal breaker for me. I was 100% prepared to lose him by sharing my concern, but I had to speak my deeper truth. I grew up with my parents ALWAYS working two to three jobs so for me, I decided in my adult years, I’d rather earn and live with less, than have a vacant husband (and future step-father) to me and my daughters. I wanted a PRESENT PARTNER

Something in my letter moved Neil. He was quiet for a few very long days as he processed what my needs were. We finally talked. A lot was about what his “options” were and his fears of doing something else and what on earth could that possibly be. He was SCARED TO DEATH make a change from doing something he’d done so comfortably for 20 years. We came up with a plan to create more FREEDOM and a few months later, Neil and I opened our own car lot, “Stanford Motor Vehicles”. We had never run a business, but we took out a business loan, maxed out some credit cards, bought office furniture from Good Will and Neil worked sooooo hard to get his business running. He made a lot of mistakes in those first couple years and we rarely broke even after all the overhead was paid. We started with just two cars. Neil did EVERYTHING. He cleaned, bought, marketed and sold the cars. He still worked a ton and put in a lot of sweat equity, but it was on his terms and it was a business he was building to create freedom and income for his FAMILY.

FAST FORWARD FIVE YEARS: Stanford Motor Vehicles is established and has several employees. Neil hired an amazing GM, Scott, that has helped run our business since September, specifically while we were in England for three months. Scott is an amazing father and husband. He reminds us of where we were five years ago, struggling to be present for his family while balancing trying to provide for them. He wants to pick his kids up from school and be off on the weekends. He doesn't want to work for someone else, and to some extent, he was, still answering and working for Neil. And with the business having to also pay Neil, Scott wasn’t earning an income we felt good about.

The A-HA MOMENT After a trip to Beachbody’s Super Star day in March, on the flight home Neil had the same concerned look on his face as he did after he read my letter years earlier. He was very deep in thought. He knew a change once again, had to be made. But this time the change was INSPIRED by a first class trip to our corporate office given to us, not a letter written by me. He decided its time for him to pay some things FORWARD to Scott, giving him a DREAM and shift his own dream in a different direction.

OUR BIG NEWS IS THIS: As of TODAY, Neil has OFFICIALLY given Scott our Stanford Motor Vehicle business so that Neil can work full time with me. We still own it, but essentially we have given Scott our established business that we have built from the ground up, that he and his family could not have afforded otherwise, to better provide a good life for his own family. Stanford Motor Vehicles no longer pays Neil, so there is way less overhead and a respectable margin for Scott to provide a good life for his family. It’s CRAZY to think that five years ago this business was our BIGGEST DREAM, RISK and SACRIFICE in hopes to find some FREEDOM for our family and now we are in a position to GIFT AN ENTIRE BUSINESS to someone else to provide that for their own family, sounds CRAZY.

WHY?SO WHY WOULD A PRIVATE BUSINESS OWNER BECOME A FULL TIME BEACHBODY COACH???Neil didn't hate his job, we was his own boss and was already doing what he loved.

The COMPENSATION PLAN and BUSINESS MODEL: Let’s face it, Neil’s a guy and like most guys he “gets” numbers and business. Neil’s Beachbody Business is already a solid six figure earning business on it’s very own, not even including mine. He saw a lucrative return on investment opportunity—his time is much better spent promoting health and fitness than selling cars. Beachbody’s financial plan and pipeline of products is so STRONG, that I can’t keep up with it on my own anymore. It makes WAY more financial sense for Neil to work side by side with me and utilizing his own unique TALENTS and STRENGTHS. This morning he met with a gym owner and LOVED it!! He felt a rush like he was 17 and selling his very first car again. He has appointments set up next week in our community to show local business’s and companies how our products can increase their revenue without increasing their overhead. Neil is brilliant at building in person relationships. Although my own business is growing exponentially, I'm still missing out on opportunities by not having Neil strengths on board.

The FREEDOM: Even as a private business owner, he still has to BE PRESENT and RESPONSIBLE. And yes- to some very small extent he still does, but the majority of that responsibility is on Scott, now. Neil will still buy the cars at the auction as that is something he LOVES. But everything else is on Scott. We travel a lot. We socialize a lot. We relax, a lot. We’ve realized nothing can give us the life we desire, more than Beachbody. So we want to put our combined energy where we get the most financial return and FREEDOM.

The PEOPLE: Car Sales is a transaction. Health and Fitness is a relationship. To be a part of something where you are truly helping someone else better their life gives more MEANING to your own. Neil feels this work really, MATTERS. And beyond our customers and team, Neil’s very best male friends are in our Beachbody circles.

FULL CIRCLE: Back when we were dating in 2008 when I wrote my letter longing for more quality time with him, then we started his business in 2010 in hopes to create it, and then me starting my Beachbody business in 2011, we would have never dreamt in a million years that our FREEDOM would have ended up this way. It’s hard to describe to outsiders this opportunity and how it truly can change the course of your family’s life.

Seay Stanford Beachbody MLM Coach
Seay Stanford Beachbody MLM Coach

We gifted a business to a family. We are debt free. We travel the world. We have time to volunteer and donate. We help others. And most importantly, we have the FREEDOM to be present with each other every single day. We don't wake up to alarms and stress. We eat breakfast together and take the kids to school. We schedule our day however we want. We work hard, yes, but it’s not at all the kind of “hard” we were living prior to Beachbody. What can scare you to make a change, may also lead you through a series of opportunities to the best life you never even imagined possible. What was once the DREAM to own our own business has turned into FREEDOM beyond our wildest dreams. We are grateful for our blessings and the ability we have now to pay them forward to others.

Please welcome and congratulate, Neil Stanford, FULL TIME BEACHBODY COACH as we align our strengths and unify our efforts to change as many lives POSSIBLE, together <3

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Neil and Seay Stanford Beachbody Couple
Neil and Seay Stanford Beachbody Couple