Help! My kids eat crappy, what can I do?!

I get this question ALL THE TIME! What are we to do as parents? When we are busy, we barely have time to prepare healthy meals for our children and then when we do, the little buggers don't want to eat it! If your kids are like mine, they could LIVE off of chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. Although it's totally the EASIER choice to just nuke the food and go, you know deep down they aren't getting the nutrients they need to develop.

After having three children I can tell you that it is totally normal! I've tired of giving my children vitamins and this isn't really a greatest option, either. Most store bought vitamins are synthetic, which means they aren't absorbed very much and contain artificial colors and sweeteners. It's ironic, we are so diligent when we are pregnant trying to eat PERFECTLY for our developing little baby but once he/she is born, we cut corners and give him/her processed foods, artificial chemicals and highly addictive sugars. But come on, lets be REAL, it's HARD getting them to eat right...right?! If you can't beat them, join them! (at least let them THINK you are!)

My toddler would live off ketchup, waffles, chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. So here is my secret. When he wakes up in the morning and is hungry, I give him Chocolate. But, not what you think! He drinks a 1/3 of a chocolate Shakeology. He CHUGS it down! OR, when I pick him up from daycare, I make him his chocolate "after school snack" shake. He has NO IDEA that he is getting 100% of the vitamins he needs every day. PLUS, he is getting loads of other good stuff to help his little immune system build strong, cells develop, and digestive system stay healthy and regular. Then, when he wants to eat nuggets and mac, I feel at peace knowing that he's met his nutritional requirement at least with his "chocolate snack". I do buy organic nuggets and whole grain pasta, and he's happy with that, but giving him his sneaky 100% natural vitamin "shake" has been the best solution for compromising with my little guy.