Have I Bashed You Lately?

Whenever I review a product or do a product comparison there is a chance that I will ruffle someone’s feathers if any part of my analysis is negative. This often results in messages and comments questioning my qualifications, motivation, and even my right to exist as a carbon-based life form. People are loyal to products and may have a vested interest in them so they don’t like to see negative statements being made about them. I get that and I don’t frivolously bash any product or service. My role in this is to bring my education and experience to bear to help others with factual information.

My qualifications include a BA in psychology and I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I was also in pharmaceutical sales for over ten years. In the interest of full disclosure I am a 15-Star Diamond Beachbody Coach offering their products and services as an independent agent. This has led me to research their products extensively, particularly the meal replacement super food “Shakeology®". I am now regarded as an expert on this product and am called on to write, produce videos, and speak publicly about it.

When I review and/or compare any health and nutrition product or service it is for the purpose of discovering the facts so that consumers may be better informed about the actual merits. These types of products are particularly prone to hype and misinformation so it may take research and expert analysis to discover the truth. The truth isn’t always complimentary and, like I said, people aren’t always happy to hear bad news. But if carefully and thoughtfully presented facts disagree with someone’s opinion that person is at a crossroads of integrity.

If you can provide facts or additional information to show where my analysis is wrong I will happily update my reviews. Non-hostile discussion and honest questions are very welcome. My goal is factual truth as a public service.

I have been successful in the health and fitness industry by sticking to the facts and lots of hard work. I hope that you will find my presentations to be beneficial as I strive to be a trusted source of honest information.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Institute for Integrative Nutrition