Handling Objections when Inviting So here’s the deal! How many of you feel like you are a deer in headlights when— the PRICE comes up? Or they want to compare it to another product? Or they say ‘i like to go to the gym?’

Well we have ALL felt that way at one time or another- but our job as coaches is to help OTHERS find the value in what we are doing! And that is by overcoming the objections! Breaking down cost. Informing them why WE LOVE the products and so on!

Do you know that most, if not all of us were skeptics at first? Put yourself in their shoes! Just because they ask how much it is or say that Shakeology is ‘too expensive’ does not mean that you agree with them or run in the opposite direction! We also want you to understand that you NEED to be relatable and share with them your story and why YOU have benefited so much from it!

Below is a link with some examples of how to handle objections with grace. Remember- YOU are ALWAYS in control of the conversation!!! Be CONFIDENT (and even if you aren’t or don’t feel confident—ACT AS IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT!  Have Passion! Your potential customers/coaches can feel your energy even through messaging!  BUT they do and no one wants to have a coach who isn’t confident!

I PROMISE YOU!- It’s a DECISION to just go for it and PERFECT your invites!! DO IT GUYS! Your business will soar!

Top Objections and What to say:

Today- we want you to go back through all of your invites- we want you to analyze them and see if/how any of them ‘went wrong’ with some of these questions in the document and then message the person back with a quick “hey! I want to apologize for …. {giving you word overload when we were chatting last week OR just throwing a price out there when I didnt even break down the cost for you! OR not giving you some options that we have for clients like you who love to go to the gym!}—> Those are just a few examples.

I never want anyone to feel like I am ever pushing products on them- so this for me works because I clear the air and get to have a 'redo'!!

And implement some of these to help you start to overcome the price!!

Post in the group ONE TIP that really spoke to you and how you are going to use them when you get objections!!