Getting Skinny vs. Getting Healthy

"Not everyone needs to LOSE WEIGHT, but everyone needs to be HEALTHY."

fast weight loss to get skinny
fast weight loss to get skinny

I say this ALL THE TIME. I was chatting to a thin girl the other day and she said "Well I don't need the Shakeology- I'm already thin." She gave me her daily run down and her diet consisted mostly of coffee, grilled chicken and diet pills.

How many people do you think equate THIN with being healthy? The truth is, a thin person can be just as nutrient deficient and sick on the inside, as an overweight person, sometimes even WORSE.

HEY- I GET IT!! Im not here to judge because I WAS that physically fit but unhealthy person. I did HCG shots and ate diet pills. Ive made coffee and diuretics my #1 way to "lean out". Ive had friends not want to quit smoking because they will "get fat". I know guys at the gym that do steroids. I have a friend that starves herself or throws up a few days before the weekend then on Monday, devours nothing but junk food until Thursday.

I wish that more people understood that being thin is not the same as being healthy. Nutrient deficiency will have you feeling tired, getting sick, increase your cravings and have you feeling irritable. TRUST natures system and do it right. Being healthy is about FUELING your body, not manipulating it with stimulants, pills and chemicals. Being healthy is about fueling your body towards HEALTH and not fueling it towards DISEASE. I totally GET that we all want faster results, but realize the cost may be more than you are willing to pay in the long term.

LOVE yourself and your body. BELIEVE that you CAN have the body you want if you FUEL it right and exercise. ACCEPT that your body may never be "perfect".


I want to be clear in my efforts to promote Shakeology. Its not for weight loss- its for NUTRITION. Shakeology is not a gimmicky weight loss shake with magic ingredients. Nor is it a protein shake. Its dried whole food DENSE nutrition to fuel your body with the nutrients it NEEDS every single day. Its your whole food meal replacement and vitamin. There is nothing artificial. It's daily NUTRITION thats made SUPER SIMPLE for you.

I'd love to see our culture mindset shift to know that it's not just about being skinny, its about FUELING your body with NUTRIENTS so you have ENERGY, feel ALIVE, your body REPAIRS itself and you crave NOTHING.

<3 Decide today to LOVE yourself enough to to live a healthy lifestyle <3