Get Creative With Your Warm Connections!! Today is all about the genuine connection!!! Let's really take on this new way of thinking. Change your 'invite invite invite' to CONNECT CONNECT CONNECT!!!

Seriously- we are teaching you how to break it down, not stress so much and have fun with this! You get to BE YOU!! You get to be creative! Don't lose sight of that and chalk your biz up as a loss if you're not putting in the work to move forward!

You all have the ability to be rockstar coaches! You just have to be intentional about your business and again- get creative with you connections!!!

After watching this video we are challenging each of you to implement what you've learned! We want you to choose a minimum of 10 people on your list and use some of Chelsea's ideas!

THEN- this afternoon AFTER you've made some connections and get some convos going- we want you each to post your positive feedback in the comments section below!!