FOCUS T25: Shaun T's at home fitness program

FOCUS T25: Shaun T's at home fitness program I know we hear that new products are a "game changer" so often that it's somewhat lost it's luster. But I will tell you this, T25 is truly a GAME CHANGER in the fitness industry! What's the number one complaint from people? TIME! The better you manage it, the more you accomplish. That is EXACTLY what T25 delivers. TIME and EFFICIENCY! Here is the breakdown: Every workout is 25 minutes, start to finish. The program is five days a week, for five weeks. If you need LONGER workouts, you can stack the workouts with another T25 or a separate program all together. (Personally, I'll stack with a 30 minute Chalean Extreme workout for a well rounded hour of cardio and resistance) Or, you can stack two, 25 minute T25's for MAXIMUM cardio.

This program is a SERIES. Think of it's phases as a walk down greek row: The first five week phase is the ALPHA phase, consisting of resistance and cardio. Phase two is the five week BETA phase, focusing on your CORE strength. Phase three is the 5 week GAMMA phase. Ok- so you get the idea, right? Every phase has a purpose and mixes up your progress so your body keeps adapting and you get higher level results. Beachbody will continue to build on this 25 minute program with additional phases.

Shaun T, the created of INSANITY,  delivers high intensity in a small "group" in each video. The music budget is the highest that Beachbody has ever invested in a home program, so be ready to MOVE with conviction! If it goes too fast, do what you would do if you were out for a 25 minute run....slow down. You control your intensity. Build yourself up to Shaun's level and you will develop a brilliant total body workout and fitness level in those 25 minutes a day. T25 brings the BEST of every home Beachbody workout with a clear 25 minute daily commitment. T25 will be available to coaches at Summit in June, and to the public to order shortly thereafter. It will be available both in a challenge pack with Shakeology, or alone. It is a great program on its own, or combined with any other fitness program.

Did I mention that I have Disc ONE in my hot little hands...oh YEAH!!!

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 10.31.08 AM
Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 10.31.08 AM

New T25 Review by Seay Stanford