Five Travel Friendly Healthy Habits

If you are one of those that travel for work, living out of a suitcase and dining out most days, then you understand how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  While it’s not impossible, it can be challenging. By implementing a few travel friendly healthy habits, you can easily maintain your healthy lifestyle when you travel without a lot of stress.

  • Start your day early and get your workout in first. It will give you the boost you need for a long day ahead. Most hotels have gyms with treadmills and weight machines, but there may not be enough equipment for everyone wishing to use it. No worries, you can work out in your hotel room with a few resistance bands. They pack easily into any suitcase and take up very little room. If you are a Beachbody member, take advantage of Beachbody On Demand, the members only streaming workouts library.  You can do any of them in the comfort of your hotel room by logging in with your laptop.
Beachbody Workouts on demand
Beachbody Workouts on demand
  • Make healthy food choices while dining out. Restaurants are jumping on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon and offering what they can for healthy options. There are usually dinner salads available or order grilled chicken rather than fried.  You can always ask to switch out the rice or potatoes for an extra serving of veggies and ask to have the veggies steamed rather than sautéed. This will save on calories and oils you don’t need.  If you can, opt for a salad for lunch too, you will at least be getting a good serving of greens for the day.  Most importantly, skip the cheeseburger and fries.  I have some REALLY awesome tips for dining out, here.
  • Pack a healthy soy free meal replacement. Let’s face it, travelling and eating restaurant food can really mess up your system. You can’t always be certain that you are getting the nutrients you need or you that will be, ahem, regular. A meal replacement like Shakeology will help combat that. It replenishes the nutrients you need and helps with any digestive issues that may creep up. Most flavors are available in single serve pouches making it easy to take along with you. It’s a smart alternative to a heavy calorie laden breakfast.  You can shake it up in a blender bottle, or ask a barista at the hotel coffee shop to make it extra yummy with their blender.
easy travel meal
easy travel meal
  • If you find yourself at the bar with colleagues opt to skip the alcohol. First, alcohol is just a bunch of empty calories with no nutritional benefit. Second, alcohol can make you say and do crazy things that lead to all sorts of office stories and no one wants to be THAT GUY.  lol  A glass of unsweet tea or water with lemon will do just fine.  Here are some great MOCTAIL recipes <3.
  • End your day with a bit of meditation. It will help clear your mind and foster a great night’s sleep. Just taking five minutes will help you unwind and destress after a busy hectic day of meetings and presentations.

No matter how busy your travel schedule is these simple travel friendly healthy habits will help you to keep up your healthy lifestyle.

Message me at and lets’ chat!  I'd love to help you find the right program for your travel needs or answer any questions you may have about Shakeology or  Beachbody On Demand.