back pain exercise
back pain exercise

Finding the Exercise That is Right For You -- Despite Your Circumstances~ Are you post Physical Therapy because of an injury or surgery?

~ Are you over 50 or new to exercise all together?

~ Do you have so much weight to lose that movement is challenging?

~ Do you suffer from chronic pain?

If so, this article is for you!  There are several solutions that you can do at home.

You may be in a very significant category of people who have disabilities or mobility issues that are restricting you to a more sedentary lifestyle. This puts you at a much greater risk of obesity, the onset of Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or coronary heart disease, along with a slug of other health problems associated with these issues. It's vital to be as physically active as possible, in spite of your physical limitations. In addition to your physical problems, you may feel that affordability and the lack of transportation keep you from any other fitness opportunities.

Bottom line.  You NEED muscle.  Not only does it help you burn more fat and calories, but it also strengthens your body to prevent further injury.  When your muscles are stronger around your joints and bones, they absorb torque and twists taking stress off your joints, ligaments and tendons.  You may feel overwhelmed that you can’t do all that much, but remember that this journey is about PROGRESS.

Exercise in any capacity is good for you and your body. There are ways to become active, even with your physical limitations. Chronic pain, the use of assistive devices (wheelchairs, canes or walkers) and other issues can be dealt with through any good workout plan, using good sense and modifications.

Any physical movement is more positive than sitting all day. Even if you can only do a portion of an exercise, it's activity that gets your heart pumping and muscles moving, ensuring that your body continues to work as it's supposed to do and make you STRONGER!

Check with your doctor to determine the kinds of exercises that may be right for you. It might help to bring some ideas to him for his approval or to get further suggestions about what will be better alternatives for your condition. Here are THREE of the best at home fitness DVD workouts that include low-impact exercise solutions:

PiYo: Chalene Johnson's 60-day program includes manageable 25- to 45-minute workouts that combine the motions of Yoga and Pilates. The program burns fat, builds muscle tone and strength, focuses on breathing, improves balance and encourages relaxation (and meditation). It's for anyone who wants to increase flexibility, improve posture and create strength using low-impact, easily modified moves. Deb (a Beachbody program reviewer) battled with knees and back issues for years, visiting a chiropractor almost weekly. After doing PiYo, she says, "I haven’t had to go to the chiropractor in over a year. I have improved flexibility, balance, and that elusive core strength is returning. ... It works without harming my knees or back and has given me the freedom to work out at home." Beachbody Coach Jacqui states on her blog that she had major knee issues after being a long-time marathon runner. She praised the program by saying this, "I am not claiming PiYo is a miracle, because I can’t say for sure it was the only factor, but I have improved more in 13 weeks with PiYo than with months of working with a physical therapist, training on my own, or working with a personal trainer." And, even after surgery, it was a winner for Ed, who said, "I had open heart surgery 14 weeks ago and was looking for a workout that didn't have jumping and weight lifting. This program is great for that. It is a low impact workout that gives results."  Order Piyo Here

P90: Tony Horton's newest workout isn't full of extreme, intense moves and workouts, like his more popular, P90X.  Instead it's a breakdown of the fundamentals and principles of his other programs, incorporated into easily doable moves that get results. The workouts in this 90-day program are shorter (25 to 45 minutes) and much lower intensity than the standard fare from Tony, but they are geared to get results for anyone, regardless how much you must modify in order to get through the workouts. Even if you have to modify every workout, it's designed to build muscle and increase core strength. Limitations are a part of life and can be dealt with during this program that seeks to start from the beginning and work its way up to fitness. Seventy-year-old Veronica has osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis that has crippled her hands. Even though she has difficulties doing some portions of the workouts, she says, "Just getting up and doing part of them is great! I may not be able to do everything, but I feel like I get stronger every day. The moves aren't overly demanding and they keep me flexible. This program is just what I need to get moving each day." Order Power 90 Here

Tai Cheng: Dr. Mark Cheng is the mastermind behind this 90-day workout that builds strength and energy, restores range of motion, reduces pain naturally and creates better balance. Through learning the 18 key healing movements, you will combining the knowledge of modern fitness science with centuries-old techniques of Tai Chi. Gentle, flowing motions create low-impact ways of stretching and body centering. There are proven benefits of moving slow in isometric stances and poses, which are included in this workout. Talia was couch-bound for a month with knee injuries that left her unable to walk, stand or go down stairs. After using Tai Cheng, she reports that she can "do cheerleading jumps on the beach! Sometimes just being able to move better is the best goal you can set for yourself!" This program may not focus on  weight loss or the definition of six-pack abs, but it's designed to increase the ability to move and do. It's a gentle workout that won't damage healing muscles/joints, will help regain or maintain mobility and may reduce pain through building strength and creating better balance and alignment.  Order Tai Cheng Here

I did a modified P90x after my ACL replacement surgery.  I did physical therapy for six weeks post op and my quads and hamstrings were terribly atrophied after several months of little activity.  My orthopedic surgeon strongly suggested I rebuild these muscles to not only regain strength, but also prevent further re-injury.

When you have severe limitations and circumstances that seem to stack odds against your abilities to work out, you have to be willing to modify your efforts and accept that you're not an athlete training for the Olympics. But, you're not handcuffed to the couch, either. It's likely that despite your circumstances, you can do SOME form of exercise. Check with your doctor and consider incorporating one of these programs into your fitness efforts.

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